If you have a habit of sharing tech things like how to do/explore app stuff among social media, YouTube or blog, there is this one tool that you will definitely need. A perfect Screen recorder that captures a video of the actions that you carried out using your phone. These actions might be changing some settings, exploring various options in an app and what not. So I have decided to share a list of best and popular screen recorder apps for your android phone. Please be noted that you don’t need root permission to use these apps.

Top 5 apps to record screen in Android

1. AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

most popular screen recording app

This is a very popular screen capturing app which has over 10 million downloads in play store and best rated (4.6). This app provides almost all the features that you expect from a screen recording application. You can edit your screen cast and trim unnecessary parts easily within the app itself. Also, something what they call Magic Button will allow you to control the recording without showing anything on the screen. Unlike some apps which leave a watermark on the video, this app provide a clean output video file.

2. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder & Video Editor

top rated android screen recorder

This app,  as evident from its name does screen recording as well as editing jobs. It has a gif creator which will help you to generate gif images which you can share on social media, Whatsapp etc. You can shake the device to stop recording. The video quality is just amazing using this app, and you can customize to a large extend for various resolutions and formats.

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3. Mobizen Screen Recorder

easy to use

This screen recording app is one of the popular apps among playstore with over 10M downloads. It does its functions neatly. This app too works without root if you have a device which runs on Android 4.4 or later. This app also provides some basic editing feature which helps you to do your job without the help of an extra app.

4. Ez Screen Recorder (no root)

free of ads

Unlike other apps, this particular app does not show any ads, yet it is completely free. This app is nothing short at functionality level. It has all the features that you need in a screen recording app, yet it is having  a fairly simple UI and it is very easy to use too. Since the UI is not heavily customized, this app is comparatively light weight, does not eat much memory.

5. AB Screen Recorder

This app will do the job

This is yet another screen casting app which is quite easy to use and wee designed. The only problem the users have about this app is that it does not have an inbuilt video player. But that doesn’t feel like a deal breaker for me since we can always open gallery and watch the video before uploading it.

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