Best 5 Free Download Manager Android Apps [June 2013]

Most of us uses download manager in our PCs. what about the role of them on android phones?. The answer is very similar. They’re used just to resume our downloads and boost the file downloading speed. but android hadn’t any good download manager apps earlier even two or three were exist. but now there are much better apps let you download bigger files uninterrupted with decent speed. some web browsers like UCweb includes better download management integration but some people likes to divert their downloads into an outside app than just using the inbuilt downloader of the web browser app. Here’s the best five free android download manager apps that you can click on the link to download from Play Store

1. Easy Downloader Pro

No longer available

This android app lets you download large files with good speed. You can download any unsupported file format without popping up any error messages like the web browsers do. Dont get down by the word ‘Pro’ its free application.!

2. Loader Droid download manager

This download management application let you download any kind file from internet safely and fast. This free android app has a very Small footprint so that it will not lag your phone or tablet so that it can be used in lower end phones. It loads fast!

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3. aDownloader

aDownloader is a native bittorrent downloader that has auto-resume feature like UC  browser has. This torrent cum HTTP downloader will let you pause downloads and resume it later, also you can download torrent files by adding torrents from SD card.

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4. Advanced Download Manager

This free download manager for android supports downloading any format and it can accelerate your downloads by using multithreading (3 parts).  If your data connection is lost during download, the program will resume it automatically when the connection is back.

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5. Turbo Download Manager

This download application is known for its speed. some users reported that this app can boost download speed multiple times even if other things like UI is not up to mark. This is some popular but very old download accelerator app in android market. Try this to know whether it is working for you.

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