Best 10 Free Android Web Browser Apps For Less Data Usage

Its a fact that most android phone users are also techies to some extent and they uses internet on their phones on the go or in home many times a day. This is what we can relate to the growth mobile internet usage along with increase in smartphone selling. As most smartphones are based on android OS, there are plenty of internet browser android apps that you can downloaded for free. The choice made here is purely based on the functionality of the browser app, speed, features, UI, easiness to use and popularity.

Please keep in mind all these browsers for android would not work on all phones. There must be some minimum requirements that some require Android version 4.0 or above and other may require better hardware. But you may try these one by one to see what works best for you.

1. UC browser

It’s a popular and well established browser in mobile platform, allows users to set the UI and settings as per their browsing styles. It’s among one of the browsers that allows Incognito browsing so you’ll get maximum shield while you entering private browsing. This one has a fast, smooth and clean user interface and the adaptable configuration settings helps to adjust your browsing easily under different network connections – you may set to disable images while browsing on mobile dta to reduce tariff.


2.  Boat Browser

Boat browser is one of the fastest browser, uses less data and its a must have android app. I personally use this browser  in my phone and it works best for me. It has fine customizable interface where you can re-arrange, add and remove buttons by dragging the icons. It is packed with personalized themes and a bunch of addons that really strengthen the flexibility of this app.

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3.  Opera mini

opera Mini is the kini version of opera browser has its dominance in 2013. It a fast mobile browser with lot of user friendly options what every mobile internet surfer wants. It has a clean home page shows thumbnails of avorite websites and you could access them by a single tap. Smart Page feature lets you update with your social networks such as Google plus, Facebook or twitter.


4. Chrome Browser – Google

The Google’s own Chrome browser has a fair amount of share among popular web browsers for android. It has the same effect as on our P. Even if the page loading speed is little less than the above specified browsers, it wins where  interactive content like graphics and animations are present – render them brilliantly.


5. Dolphin for Android

Dolphin is the world’s first gesture enabled browser for mobile which also had introduced Sonar and add-on. Its the most popular browser in android which has less bugs and faster surfing.


6. Baidu Browser

The Baidu browser for android is a popular app from Baidu Inc. It reached over two billion downloads. The company claims 30% faster web browsing by the use of  T5 engine feature. It has simple design but doesn’t lack anything you need. It small download and fits devices with low resources.


7. Maxthon Android Web Browser

This is an HTML5-ready cloud browser from Chinese developers with a bundle of stunning features like advanced gesture supports superior than we have in Dolphin HD, www/WAP  switching, favorites syncing and a number of cloud services such as Cloud Tabs – allows to sync tabs, Cloud Push – integrated chat service and Cloud Download – free cloud storage for your files. You can also change the skin and add Avatars.

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8. Firefox Browser for Android

Mozilla Firefox is the number one browser on PC for many people among the world. This one is an easy to use, customizable web browser and provides maximum security against potential threats. This app will not be compatible to old and low end android phones but its always a nice to have app.


9. Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser

This android internet browser is known for customization of tabs wonderful gesture support and functionality. You may use gesture function to switch between tabs,  refresh page, view bookmarks etc. A free cloud service let you sync your bookmarks free. This app also available for iPhone/iPad, Windows phone, Windows and Mac devices.


10. Next Browser

Dont hesitate to give a try on this browser from GO Launcher Dev Team only because its on the 10th place. Next browser is a ast and smooth browser from the popular android app developer Go Launcher Developers. It comes with Voice recognition, bookmarks sync support, plug-in support etc.


Hope this post will help you to chose your right web browsing app for your smartphone. if you have any suggestions or information about new apps, feel free to share them in comments.

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