Beats x vs Jaybird x3 : This is a comparison between Beats X vs Jaybird X3 Bluetooth earphones/ over the neck earphones.  The beats X is retailing for $90 where Jaybird X3 is priced at $100 on amazon at the time of writing this. So, a $10 difference make Jaybird X3 superior to Beats X? Even though these are cheaper, we are going to find out which one provides more value, sound quality, and general characteristics to help you hopefully make a purchase decision.

Beats X vs Jaybird X3 Wireless Bluetooth earphones comparison

Specifications Beats X
Jaybird X3
Water resistance No Yes
Average music playing time Up to 8 hours Up to 8 hours
Link to buy

Design and comfort to use

The Beats X can be wore under your neck/over neck method with In-ear ear tips which is very similar to Jaybird X3. The in -ear ear tips on the Beats x provides more confidence, it always stick to your ear even if you are running, jogging or doing gym exercises, they wouldn’t fall off what so ever.

Jaybird X3

With Jaybird X3, no matter which ear tips you are using, with combination of small, large or medium according to the size of your ear canal, it doesn’t stay in the ear for a long time.  It may be due the design of the opening of the ear tip, which is a little bigger than Beats x, which doesn’t allow it to enter completely into the ear canal. So, people with small ear canals might face some issues with Jaybird X3.

In essence, The Jaybird X3 doesn’t stay in the ear as good as Beats X3.

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With that being pointed, out, there is an over the neck method of wearing the Jaybird X3 with the comply form ear tips which does increase its stability.


Both earphones provides an in-line volume controller with up and down buttons, If you hold down for a little time it do provide skipping the tracks and to go back, also allows you to access Siri and Google assistant.  This feature is available in both these wireless earphones.

Battery life

In our testing both lasted for over 8 hours. (Bests X: 8 hours 15 minutes, Jaybird X3: 8 hours 26 minutes) given the fact that they both are rated 8 hours of battery backup.

Water resistance

One thing that is different among both these earphones, probably a big feature that would determine if you’re going to buy these or not –  The Jaybird X3 is water resistant, sweat proof, they offer a life time sweat warranty.

With Beats X, even though it looks like a sport earphones, but after testing they feel like life style products rather than sport product. You can see the wire length and quality, when you run with these, the wire do bounce everywhere it hits your jaw lines, and your upper chest and you can hear the wire chatter while jogging or running which some times overtakes the music that being played.

With Jaybird X3, the wire is very thin so that you can wear at any time and you wont hear any wire rattles. this is due to the fact that the wires on Jaybird is super light and it stays very close to your ear lobes which is quite a good thing over Beats X.

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Sound quality

Beats X earphones has a very base focused sound. If you love the deep sounding thumping bass you’ll be impressed. Jaybird X3 also has a base oriented sound signature. They are very bright in the mids and highs for both earphones. In contrast, Jaybird has the My sound app from Jaybird which allows you to adjust the equalizer and tones. Because of this, Jaybird X3 is more likely to get good marks as it allows you to customize the sound signature to your likes.


It is not really apples to apples comparison when it comes to Beats X and Jaybird X3, there is a good reason that you pay some extra bucks for Jaybird X3. Let’s list out some of the cons of Beats X over Jaybird here

  • No water resistance or swat protection
  • Wire rattling

If you dont care about the above two points and wants to save 10 bucks, go for beats X otherwise buy Jaybird X3. Buy from the following links to get a reduction and lowest possible price from amazon.

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