Smartphones are all the sensation in the past few years. It is true that an average person spends a fair amount of his time and money on the smartphone these days. This means feature phones or as most of us like to call them “dumb phones” or regular phones have taken a backseat. We don’t even feel like buying a basic phone nowadays. do we?. But trust me when I say cheap phones are the best phones in the world!. Let’s take a look at few advantages of feature phones that are going to make you think before you buy your expensive new smartphone. Let’s compare basic phone vs smartphone.

feature phone benefits

1. No more heartbreaks

Yes, you won’t suffer heartbreaks which is absolutely right. What happens when your iPhone X or your Galaxy note 8 slips from your hand and lands on the concrete or asphalt road.  Your whole world turns upside down. It’s painful and for a few hours, you won’t feel like talking to anyone – but not if you have a feature phone. One of the features of a feature phone is that it doesn’t hurt. Yes, it falls down and gets a few bumps and scratches and it’s all fine. You just don’t give a big …

feature phone can fall down many times

Another reason of heartbreak when it comes to smartphones is that there’s always a fancy smartphone that surpasses the one you own. For example, OnePlus 5 users would know that feeling. This is not the case with a feature phone. It is not like a new feature phone will have any new features that surpass the old feature phone!

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2. You can live carefreely

When you buy a costly smartphone, you buy a case, a screen protector, a car holder and whatnot. All of that is a headache. With cheap phones, you can live a carefree life. Have you ever seen anyone using a case on a regular phone?. I don’t think they even make cases for feature phones. Normal phones don’t need armor – in fact, they are the armor. You can just go home and throw it wherever you want. You won’t care even it doesn’t land on the table. Even if it falls down on the floor – it’s all fine, it’s a cheap phone.

no extra cost

3. You can use it to show anger –  good old days

There are times when you are angry and you want to smash your smartphone at something or maybe someone. But hey, you can’t do that because you cant afford to. Well, with feature phone you can show your anger by smashing it away. Or you can even beat someone with a feature phone. Once you’re all cool, just give the phone a pat on the back and they understand!. Are they sweet aren’t they?

throw it

4. You can play with your regular phone

We all get bored of smartphone games.  Of course, they can be addictive but they also give you headaches. Its always better to play games in the real world, isn’t it?. And this is where feature phones can be also handy. There are a lot of games you can play with cheap phones, like catch where you can use the phone instead of a real ball. Also, you can invent new games like juggling the phone like a football. But be careful, if it is the Nokia 3310 because that thing can break your leg.

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play with feature phone

5. You get more productive

Smartphones are smart, but they make you dumb sometimes. on the other hands, dumb phones like the Nokia 3310 will make you smart. When you have a smartphone, you’re constantly checking your phone for social media updates which you don’t even really care about, messaging, games and there’s so much a smartphone gets to do that you don’t need at all. A feature phone, on the other hand, does absolutely nothing which you don’t need. This means that there are no distractions, so you’ll be focused on your work. Your boss will be happy, you can go home early and all in all, you can lead a more productive life.

feature phone improves productivity

6. More battery life

When you start using a feature phone, you will realize how much you ware running towards your charger in a day. With feature phones, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out during a call or something. Since feature phones have limited apps and no or minimal internet connectivity, they even last for a week in a single charge.

7. It makes you appreciate smartphones

Feature phones are amazing, they’re cheap, they’re full of features it’s right there in the name and they make you more productive, but there will come a point in your life when you will realize that you are missing out of so much. People around you will be playing that awesome new game that just out or they use Navigation for easily travel through the city and you’re there all alone without using any of it. You might even think what am I doing with this stupid feature phone.

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8. You can save money

Now that you’ve realized that you need a smartphone in your life, you have probably had also realized that you need to save money for your one true love. Well, since you’ve bought your feature phone, you already did save a lot of money. A regular flagship would have cost you like $600 whereas the regular phone cost you just $50 which means you already saved $550. Now you can either go ahead and buy that flagship which just came out, or you can wait for that one flagship with the best camera, a gorgeous display, amazing smart features and a design straight out of the future.


Oh Hell No! I want another feature phone. You know why?. Because feature phones are the best phones.


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