One plus and Asus have released budget phones of similar price range where the one plus 7 comes at £499 and the Asus Zenfone 6 is to hit the market at a similar price. It’s worth to do Azus Zenfone 6 vs One Plus 7 camera comparison since they both fall under similar price range. Let’s compare the camera quality of these  2 phones.

One Plus 7

  • The one plus 7 comes with a Dual Camera which is a downgrade from its big brother the one plus 7 pro which has 3 cameras. But the two cameras serve the purpose and at this price range provides some of the best quality photographs.
  • It provides crisp  and vibrant colours and amazing detailed photographs the makes the 48-megapixel camera of the new one plus 7 one of the best choices if you are a mobile photography enthusiast
  • The optical image stabilizer helps in producing amazingly steady and smooth photographs.

  • The one plus 7 camera’s newest and suffocated software helps in producing stunningly detailed photographs even in low light environments. This fantastic new software algorithm helps in optimizing the brightness of the image no matter what time of the day you choose to take the photos.
  • The camera shoots portraits with amazing accuracy and precision. Compared to its predecessor the one plus 6t the new camera software ensures that all the facial features are beautifully captured in detail producing amazing quality photographs
  • The one plus 7 has an impressive 16MP front facing the camera and With its 16 MP sensor and high dynamic range technology, the selfies are taken using one plus 7 are more stunning than any of its phones before.
  • Another astonishing feature is the improved nightscape mode on the one plus 7. Capture the beauty and the magic of the night sky with some excellent shots taken at night under the moon with its new and well-designed Nightscape mode 2.0. The clarity of the photographs taken at night is a class apart from any other phones of this price range.
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Asus Zenfone 6

  • Asus Zenfone 6 has the most unique camera setup that has never been seen before on any phone. It’s motorized flip up swivel camera is one of a kind that has a dual purpose as a rear end camera as well as a selfie camera.
  • Despite the numerous flaws of having a mechanized swivel camera which is first of its kind if you exclude the manual swivel camera that the oppo released way back in 2013, this definitely is one of the best cameras ever for taking selfies. Step back apple, one plus, and Samsung!

  • According to ratings and reviews from DxOMark Image labs this new Asus Zenfone 6 swivel cameras have the best camera for taking selfies beating juggernauts like Samsung galaxy s10,s10+ and the Google pixel 3XL.


  • The swivel main camera module, that also doubles up as the selfie camera is a 48-megapixel sensor combined with a 13-megapixel sensor.


  • One of the smartest moves done by Asus in designing these swivel cameras is that this new rotating swivel design provides a way to accommodate a very large image sensor for its selfie camera than any other phone is able to do.
  • When you combine this feature with the already top-notch autofocus features of the Asus phones, the dual led flash and an astonishingly innovative camera software from Asus, we get one of the best-made cameras for taking selfies that have ever been made.
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