When you use a smartphone, you want it to be smart in every aspect. Especially if you are using phones like Redmi note 3, Redmi Note 4 etc, which are running the latest versions of MIUI, you expect every possible way to make it smart and save your time. With MIUI 8, you can enable smart use of mobile and WiFi data so that you can avoid switching manually to either. You can read these useful MIUI 8 tips to make sure you are really enjoying it to the fullest.

Sometimes when your home WiFi can be down and may not be connected to the internet. But when your phone WiFi is on, and as soon as you enter your house, it gets connected to the WiFi. Now, your phone’s data connection can be lost. But as you use MIUI, there’s always hope. You can set your phone switch back automatically to mobile data connection whenever the WiFi connectivity is poor. This feature is similar to Smart Network Switch that we have seen in Samsung Galaxy Devices which will switch between WiFi and mobile data to maintain a stable internet connection. This feature will help you maintain your connectivity to the web even when you switch from mobile data to WiFi.

In MIUI this feature is called WiFi assistant. To enable this:

  • Go to Settings > WiFi
  • Scroll down, under WiFi Settings, turn on WiFi assistant.

wifi assistant in miui

Now, phone will automatically switch to mobile data is WiFi connection is too poor to be used. Note that this will not work if your mobile data is off. So make sure that both WiFi and mobile data is on at the same time.

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NOTE: Take special care if you are downloading big files. There are chances that you will end up using all your mobile data if WiFi goes down.

I have found a video on this:

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