Top 3 Online Free File Converters

Making and viewing documents and images is the essential requirement of any student or working man. With thousands of formats to make your media from, people are often faced with an obstacle to open their documents they lack the proper viewer. There is no appropriate free universal format viewer.

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Rapid Quotes – Best Quotes Creator App in 2019

You can find a thousand quotes creator apps in the Google Play store. But it lacks a quote creator app with unlimited backgrounds, features such as organized quotes collection, allowing the user to save the quotes, editing features etc all in one app. Here comes a QuoteCreator App from Technicles which would give all the above benefits with minimal ads for free.

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Mivi Octave Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review, Pros and Cons

Mivi, An electronics and accessories company has recently released a wireless ( Bluetooth) speaker in India called the Mivi Octave. As advertised, Mivi Octave is a 16W Bluetooth speaker but from the looks of it, it’s like a mini home pod.  There is a  large variety of Bluetooth speakers available in India both budgets oriented like the JBL Go or the Logitech X100 which will cost you with 2000-3000 and premium ones like the Bose soundlink which can go beyond 10000-15000.

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Foldable Smartphone Pros and Cons: Why You Need One?

Finally, we’re getting foldable smartphones!. Excited?. But have you ever thought why?. Folding smartphones are gradually becoming a reality. Past couple of months there were sort of murmurings of folding smartphones in tech news sites but nothing actually came into reality, we have seen flexible AMOLED displays in the past but those weren’t really functional devices.

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Mi Band 2 vs Lenovo HX03 Spectra Comparison : Which Smart Band is a Better Buy?

When it comes to choosing a smart band especially in the budget range, we have got quite a lot of options. The most popular Mi Band 2 and the comparatively new kid in town Lenovo HX03 Spectra are two best candidates for a comparison. On the outside, it may seem only changes in the display comparing both the budget smart fitness bands but when we look closer, there are much more differences when we are actually using both of them.

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