Get ready for the laptop of tomorrow. That is exactly how Asus is marketing their brand new Zenbook Pro Duo. As the name suggests, this laptop comes with a dual screen with the second screen placed just above the keyboard. It has a 15 inch 16:9 OLED panel as the primary screen. For the secondary screen, it has a 32:9 IPS “ScreenPad Plus” screen right above the keyboard that is the same width as of that of the keyboard but half its height. It is a 4k(not UltraHD)3840 x 1100 pixels.

Unlike previous implementations where we relied on junky software, this is actually another set of windows right below our main one. So if you want to move a tab between them, all we have to do is grab your touchpad and drag awindow. It is actually that simple. So the multitasking potential for this is absolutely amazing. And they have built some software tools specifically built for this.

Advantages of Dual Screen

If you are a writer, you can arrange your music, your articles, your files, etc side by side on this secondary screen. It is similar to the Macbook pro touch bar but with over 32 times as many pixels. But unlike in the MacBook Pro, the secondary screen on this laptop doesn’t remove the function keys or any other features for that matter. It may consume more battery life though.No, this is not just another gimmick.

if you are a writer you can have the typewriter experience with your secondary screen while having your reference articles or music or whatever extras you want on the primary screen.

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Asus Zenbook Pro Duo comes with an eight-core Intel Core i9 processor with an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU .it has 4 far-field microphones. These are put in to use with Alexa and Cortana. It has a Thunderbolt 3 port, two USB A ports, a headphone jack, and a full-sized HDMI port.

They are also releasing a duo model with slightly mild specs with an FHD screen.


The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo comes with a series of useful built-in apps to help boost productivity. There are quick keys on the secondary screen that allows one tap automation of complex keyboard sequences. It the handwriting feature that allows the user to text intuitively.

There are many useful quick controls such as app switcher, view max and task swap for interactions between the main screen and the secondary screen, which is trademarked a the ScreenPad Plus by Asus.

It has a feature called the task group that lets you lock into work mode by opening multiple tasks with a single task. Also, we can drag apps or in-app toolbars onto ScreenPad Plus. This gives us more room to work on the primary screen.


Asus Zenbook Pro Duo definitely can take your productivity and creativity to the next level. If you are a photographer, a programmer, a video editor, music artist,3d animator, then this laptop can come in handy for you.

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