OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer popular for making high-quality Android phones at lower prices than Apple and Samsung. They have been hugely popular among Android users ever since their launch in 2014. Lately, more smartphone manufacturers like Asus and Xiaomi have stepped up their game to conquer the Android smartphone markets. Here we evaluate the quality of OnePlus smartphones in 2019 compared to 5 years ago.

A brief history

OnePlus one made a huge impact on the Android smartphone market and came out as a solid competition for the much more expensive Samsung without compromising the quality of hardware or camera. Their next launch the One Plus 2 was comparatively a disappointment.

OnePlus One was a huge hit

But they came strong with their next launch, the One Plus 3 and then 5 and 6. Each new launch increased the price of the base model. Each new model was at least 3K INR costlier than the previous one. And it was reasonable as well since the improvement in quality will lead to an increase in pricing. With the One Plus 3, they also started the T series phones.

With newer phones with powerful processors and other hardware like the Redmi K20 PRO or the Asus Rog coming into the market with smaller price tags, One Plus was compelled to reduce the price for their next model launches. And they did just that with the One Plus 7.

A decline in Quality

Things began to go down after OnePlus 6T. The launch of OnePlus7 was highly anticipated. Whether it was from the pressure of the other companies conquering the market or whatever, the quality of the Oneplus started to drop, even though the phone came at a lower price tag. The biggest disappointment that came with the Oneplus 7 was the camera department which they left untouched from the previous edition. Just like the previous Oneplus 6 and 6T, the dual camera was just a gimmick in the Oneplu7 as well. All the second camera could do was zoom. To make matters even worse, they used a depth camera in Oneplus 7. This was a big surprise especially from a trusted band like Oneplus who previously used to listen to their users’ requirements and deliver with A+ grade.

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After the disappointment with the Oneplus 7, they came back with a proper camera set up in the Oneplus 7T. It came with a triple camera and it certainly was not a gimmick. The main camera was 48MP and it also had a wide-angle lens and the zoom. So all three cameras were useful unlike the Oneplus 7 which had a depth sensor. This was the major difference between the one plus 7 and 7T. The 7T model also had the 90HZ display. But they let us down with the DC dimming causing a screen flickering at low brightness settings in the 7T.

Launching useless models

When they launched the Oneplus 7 in early 2019, they also launched the 7 PRO model. It had a Quad HD screen and 90Hz display in addition to a proper triple camera set up. Now coming to the biggest goof-up in Oneplus’ history which has let down every loyal OnePlus fan is the launch of the latest OnePlus 7T PRO. The most useless launch in the history of the brand. It is the same phone as the OnePlus 7 Pro. Whose idea was it to launch the same phone with different names?

OnePlus 7 Pro v/s OnePlus 7T Pro

A laser autofocusing for macro shots, a 2GB RAM increase, and a minor exterior color change is the only difference between the two models. So consider the scenario where a user buys the brand new One Plus 7T PRO-only to find out that he could have got the same specs with the OnePlus 7 PRO which has now gone down in the price. Naturally, the consumer would feel cheated by the company. That is not a reputation that OnePlus wants to bring upon themselves, especially when Xiaomi and Asus are coming up with incredible phones themselves. OnePlus would start to lose their core loyal fans and will end up like Nokia.

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