Apple Activation Lock service to your rescue – Check for stolen iPhone, iPad, iPod

UPDATE: Apple removed iCloud Activation Lock status page from January 2017. The URL now returns a 404 error page

As soon as Apple launches a fresh model of iPhone , iPad or iPod touch we witness an exponential surge in the buying and selling of these iOS devices. On one hand because the new buyers have the opportunity to snatch these devices at an advantageous price from the previous owner(the one who sells now), which in time with the gain from the sale may well write off the cost of purchasing the new iDevice.

But when you buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch second hand, you have to be very careful. Hey don’t ask me why. Of course there are plenty of reasons for not buying a second hand gadget and most of those reasons would revolve around the idea of the gadget having some issues like battery problems, camera problems, no smooth operation. But I’m not here to say that. Lol, infact why on earth would someone write an article for those reasons. Even a kid could guess those.
What I’m talking about is the case where the device was stolen. Yeah, I’m serious. If that’s the case then it is very likely that the device has been blocked by the owner / victim, rendering the device unusable, thus throwing away your hard earned money. Hey, don’t jump into conclusions, okay. Luckily, Apple has recently opened an online service to help its customers in this regard. This new online service is named “Activation Lock ” . Through this you can know quickly if a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is stolen or not .

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Apple Activation Lock

The Apple Activation Lock service

To use this service, all you have to do is visit the iCloud Activation Lock service link. Then enter your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number into the space  provided. If you don’t know how to get the IMEI number, just do the following :

Settings -> General -> About

Note that you can also get the IMEI number by checking the back of the device box that came with the device in it. You can also get the number when you connect your device to the computer via iTunes, by clicking on the ” Summary ” tab.

So, the next time you make a Apple purchase from some seller, ask him to give you the IMEI number. Check it and verify that it’s not stolen. Here is how it looks for my iPhone  :

Result of the Activation Lock for an already in use Apple iPhone 4

Result of the Activation Lock for an already in use Apple iPhone 4

The above result simply means that the device is already in use by someone. So don’t purchase the device from that seller. An response like “Activation Lock: Off” means that it’s not stolen and it’s a green signal for you to make a purchase.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Stay safe and happy purchasing iDevices.


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