Android App to Use Volume Rocker as Camera Button

Most of the android smartphones today in the market are equipped with a physical button to take picture while you press on it. In the idle state it will start your camera app. But there are some device which doesn’t have such a physical camera capture button like my Samsung Galaxy Ace. it’s sometimes very difficult to take pictures using the touch button on the camera button, it will go blurred most of the times if you take a portrait of your own. Do you ever think of using the volume rocker as a physical camera button to take snaps. this idea comes from the fact that, most phones hasn’t really able to zoom the picture, so that volume rocker will not have any duties while using camera app. You can easily set this option if you’re using cyanogenmod in camera settings, but need a little more effort in normal firmware.

There’s an app called VolShutter Camera which is a free camera app lets you capture images using your volume rocker. It’s not too simple app but you can have access to all camera properties control. It has an inbuilt gallery feature allows you to watch the photos that you’ve taken immediately which means you do not have to go to another app for it.


How to take a photo using VolShutter Camera android app:

Method 1

  • Press and hold the volume button to focus
  • Release the button to capture

Method 2

  • Just tap anywhere on the screen

To view the gallery of pictures, you need to swipe left to open it. The photos that you’ve taken is stored on your SD card in the path DCIM/VolShutter/.  You will also get a nice photo editor where you can edit your photos, add effects, borders and stickers. You would also able to shaere the pictures in social networking sites like Facebook, on Instagram etc.

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