Here we compare the three most impressive wireless earbuds available on the market right now, the AirPods 2, the Galaxy buds and the Powerbeats Pro. We are going to compare every aspect of the 3 earbuds so you can choose the one that suits your needs. These earbuds are completely wireless and backed by Bluetooth.



Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro pretty much looks like your standard Powerbeats but without the long cable and these actually, look really good. They’ve got the ear hook so they can stay in the ear, of course, a lot of gym earbuds kind of look like this now so that they don’t fall out but of course looks are subjective.

AirPods 2

The new Airpods 2 has a design that people used to make fun of and some still do. But it’s pretty iconic now. I do think that these look better than the Powerbeats.

Galaxy Buds

And then we have the galaxy buds. Now, these are super low-key. I actually really like the design of these because you just throw them in your ear and they’re like hidden. It’s really nice. Some people say it looks like you got like marshmallows or cotton balls in your ears when they’re white. So the white ones maybe aren’t as stealthy but if you have the black versions it’ll probably look really good.

So when it comes to the overall design I think I’ll have to go with the galaxy buds as the winner here and then in second place probably the Powerbeats.


When we’re talking about design we also got to talk about the cases because that’s pretty much where these earbuds live.

AirPods 2

Now with the air pods it’s pretty nice and simple you got a little case where you just pop open your air pods out and it’s nice small and convenient. You can put this in your pocket and it’s no big deal at all.

Galaxy Buds

Now you also get that same bit with the Galaxy buds. Really small and low key pretty flat. A little bit bigger than the Airpods in terms of the length but this is also very easy to just throw in your pocket and kind of forget about it.

Powerbeats Pro

When it comes to the Powerbeats Pro, this is a thick one and you’re not going to want to throw this in your pocket. I mean you can, but that thing sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s just not convenient whatsoever. So you’ll probably want to throw this in a backpack or something else rather than throw this in your pocket so it loses points for that.

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Powerbeats Pro

Now we talked about the design but let’s talk about comfort and you would think that the Powerbeats Pro would be an easy winner here but they’re actually not. Even though they have this ear hook design, they stay on the ears pretty well. So in terms of comfort, it’s nice that this doesn’t slip off but there’s ear fatigue after about an hour of using these.

Galaxy Buds

And then we’ve got the galaxy wireless earbuds. Now I like the Galaxy buds a lot because these, of course, have an in-ear design so they can sit right inside of the ear they’re not heavy they don’t dig into anything in my ears. These are very comfortable and you don’t even notice that you’re wearing them.

AirPods 2

Now when it comes to the AirPods 2 Bluetooth earbuds, some people have ears that they fit perfectly and for some people just can’t wear them. These are also very lightweight. So in terms of comfort, I like these even more than the Powerbeats because these don’t hurt and they don’t give any ear fatigue.

The most comfortable is absolutely the galaxy buds and then I’d go with the air pods to of course depending on if you can wear them or not and then I’ll go with the Powerbeats Pro.


Now, of course, we got to talk about the features now when it comes to the Powerbeats Pro and the AirPods. You pretty much get the same skill set here. They both feature apples h1 chip and with that, you’ll be able to do cool things like just open up the case and have automatically pair or quickly pair with an iOS device and it’s also going to be able to switch between Apple products very seamlessly and very easily. Another cool thing with the h1 chip is being able to just have them in your ear and you call out to Siri by just saying the phrase and then you can ask  whatever questions like to control the volume, play music, skip music so that is some really cool functionality if you’re into using voice assistance .

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Now one thing that sets apart the AirPods to Powerbeats Pro is that the case can wirelessly charge so if you opt for this special case you opt to spend a little bit more money you can go ahead and get this wireless charging feature so if you’ve got a wireless charger or something you can just kind of throw it down and then it’ll start charging

The AirPods aren’t the only ones with its wireless charging case. The galaxy buds also feature one as well. But what’s cool about the Galaxy buds is if you, of course, pick up a Galaxy S 10it has that feature built right into it where you can just kind of throw it on top and have it charge the galaxy buds


Airpods 2

Now when it comes to battery life you can expect about 4 to 5 hours of listening time with the air pods and with the case, you can get an additional like 19 hours or so the claim is that you can get 24hours or more than 24 hours with the case included whenever you charge up your air pods. Now these also have a bit of a quick charge feature where if you charge these for 15 minutes you get 2 hours of playtime

Powerbeats Pro

With the Powerbeats you get a crazy 9 hours of playtime and with the case, you get an additional 15 hours which is just insane. That is an extremely good battery life for truly wireless earbuds. So when it comes to the case and the earbuds both are around the same realm in the 20 hours plus range. But what makes the Powerbeats Pro really nice is that they’ve got this fast fuel feature which gives an hour and a half of music listening for just five minutes of charging that is really quick.

Galaxy buds

For the galaxy buds, you get about five to six hours of listening time with these and the case only gets you another seven hours. So this case is the weakest out of all of these here. But with five to six hours of listening at a time, it’s definitely no slouch but you will have to charge this case more than the other two. The Galaxy buds also have a bit of a quick charge feature where if you charge them for 15 minutes you’ll get an hour and a half of playback.

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Now when it comes to the chargers for all of these, they charge with a lightning cable. The galaxy buds use a USB type-c cable.


Galaxy buds

When it comes to the galaxy buds, I actually really like these they’ve got a decent amount of bass. Don’t have a crazy thump or anything but they definitely sound pretty good especially since these are in-ear buds you definitely get to feel that bass a little bit more with these so overall I really do like these vocals are pretty clear they sound great but

Airpods 2

When it comes to something like the air pods, now these are a little bit tougher. They don’t have a tight seal. So music tends to leak out. These are absolutely good for everyday people who aren’t really crazy about sound. They have some solid bass although the bass isn’t as tight as with what both of these actually but it definitely does still have some bass.

Powerbeats Pro

I think that the clear winner here though has to be Powerbeats. Here the bass is pretty punchy. Vocals and the instruments sound good. You can kind of pay attention to different little things when listening to using these. For average listeners i.e. everyday people who pick any of these they’ll be pretty happy with the sound quality.

But it’s once you start comparing them that you start to see the gap in quality. The Powerbeats Pro definitely ranked first for me here. Then I’ll give it to the galaxy buds and the last place I’ll give it to the air pods and I think this makes sense especially when you start factoring the price.


I feel like the sweet spot is the of course galaxy buds because you get good sound quality, a nice comfortable fit, a really inexpensive price tag and if you’re on Android you get a lot of features. So this is a really solid deal especially if your ears can’t fit the AirPods. I personally think if you really like to work out and you’re going to the gym a lot and using an iOS device, then Powerbeats Pro is a good option thanks to, of course, that sweat resistant and that secure fit. I’m still gonna go with the Galaxy buds as my winner. I think they’re better than the other two overall although they have a little bit less battery life.

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