Gone are the days of the struggle with untangling wired earphones in your pockets. The brand new phase of devices that enable anyone to listen to music in their own privacy is here, the Wireless Earbuds. But are they any good? Should you buy an earbud when quality wired earphones are available in plenty? Would you lose it easily? Here we explain in detail the pros and cons of owning the wireless earbuds. These advantages and disadvantages Of Wireless Earbuds will help you to make your choice of purchase easy and wise.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Wireless Earbuds

           JBL True X model wireless earbuds

 Advantages of Wireless earbuds

Wireless Earbuds are comfortable

In terms of comfortability, earbuds are second to none. They are so small and comfy that you might forget that they are placed in your ears until some music starts playing. The lack of wires also makes it easy to use. You don’t have to worry about hooking them onto anything either..As far as fitting the earbuds in your ear is concerned, they all come in a standard size that should fit everyone. But it definitely is not going to fit everyone. So before buying, check if it fits comfortably in your ear. Some companies do provide multiple sized ear tips along with the box. One of them should fit you comfortably.

They are longlasting

Durability is a factor that should be looked into while buying a headset whether they are wired or not. And compared to the wired earphones, the earbuds definitely are more durable. The simple reason being that the wire can easily wear out. The connection point between the wire and the jack is always a problematic area for wired earphones. They are only going to last so long. Twisting and turning eventually will meet its toll. Compared to this, the small earbuds are tough, rugged and durable. Normal wear and tear should not affect them as they just lie on your ears all the time. As long as you take care of your electronics when they are away from your body, they should be fine for a long time.

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The audio quality of wireless earbuds is top notch

One of the common doubts among the users is would the audio quality in a wireless headset be any good? Won’t there be distortions, as is the case with most things wireless? The answer would have been negative had this been 2015. But in 2019, wireless technologies have advanced to a point to rival the wired technologies.

As you would know, a wireless headset uses Bluetooth technology to transmit data between devices. In the past, Bluetooth technology did have its downsides. But not today, with the latest aptX HD technology, Bluetooth is now capable of transmitting High Definition (HD) audio from your smartphones to your wireless headsets without loss of transmission or distortions.

There is no compression of data occurring here, as was the case with the older versions of Bluetooth. The quality of audio would be the same as that in any wired headsets. So primarily, while considering buying the wireless earbuds, you do not have to worry about audio quality. They are guaranteed to provide top-notch quality.

Disadvantages of wireless earbuds

The high risk of losing an Earbud.

Let’s be honest here.Yes.There is a risk that you may lose one or both the earbuds especially if you are a carefree person. The earbuds do come in cases to protect them whenever they are not in use. But they definitely lose points in terms of portability as carrying the case around is not exactly comfortable. You may misplace them or lose them altogether if you carry them around without the case

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High price: Not affordable for many, but justified with the features.

The price of wireless earbuds is comparable to some of the high-end Bluetooth speakers. Why do they cost so much compared to your average wired earphones? While the wired earphones normally have two speakers,a connection wire,a 3.5 mm jack,the wireless earbuds like the Apple Airpods have an design that accommodates a battery,a microphone in each earbud,water protection reinforcements,tiny processors engineered to decode standard Bluetooth codes,a design that at the same time ensures its small size but also enables it to include amazing features like fast charging. The list can go on. These tiny earbuds are not so tiny when you understand the processes happening inside them. Are they affordable for everyone? Certainly not. But with such magnificent features embodied in such small devices, the hike in the price is justified


Would I recommend a wireless earbud over a wired earphone? Certainly, if you could afford them. If you could afford them, make sure you take care of them. Once you get used to them, you will never go back to the wired versions.

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