Advantages and Disadvantages of Touch Screen Laptops

Today we all use smartphones and tablets both most commonly uses touch screen as the major input. It offers great experience over button input and typing. But What about touch screen in your PC or Laptop computer?. As you’re watching the ads touch screen PC’s are growing market share quickly and today’s people always prefer touch-enabled PCs, Laptops and ultra-books over non-touch devices. All-in one desktops from Lenovo are touch enabled and most computer manufacturers are now focusing on producing good quality touch enabled PCs to lead the PC market. The evolution of touch-screen laptops and PCs starts from where Microsoft has released Windows 8 operating system and recently the Windows 10 OS. It’s tile-based user interface is more touch friendly than normal mouse input.

Here’s some of the advantages and disadvantages of touchscreen PC / laptop so you can decide whether to buy one with touch input or without touch.touchscr

Advantages of Touchscreen PC/Laptop

1. Touchscreens are not too expensive :  Even though touchscreen phones and tablets are expensive, considering touch PC, the price difference is not so big. You could get a touchscreen laptop just spending around 50$ more than what you would pay to get anon touch device with exact configuration. This is the one factor that is going to make touchscreen laptops and PCs more popular over time.

2. Touchscreens are More Quick: you see the Windows 8 user interface?. Interacting with computer via touch screen is more effective and faster way and it is more fun. it give you less false clicks or taps and speed of exploring the PC is fun. Your PC will support multi-touch gestures and swipes so you could feel like a smartphone or tablet.

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3. Supports Handwriting : If you have a touchscreen PC or laptop with stylus (touch pen), you can write naturally on the screen like in a notebook. The Windows 8 OS is good at translating your handwriting algorithm into text so you wont even need to type.  this saves time makes your PC more smart.

4. Multi-touch to zoom in and out, playing games: Pinch-to zoom is an exciting feature of smart devices like android phones, touchscreens will be more fun with this. You can play games like Fruit Ninja more conveniently if you have a touch screen laptop.


1. Doubt in its continuous usage: Consider you are dealing with your computer via touchscreen, suppose you hold your arm for two minutes, obviously your hand will fall-off.

2. Smears on the screen: Touching your PC display will always leave smears which most people don’t like. Constantly touch the PC screen require getting out the microfiber cloth is a hassle.

3. Increased thickness: Touchscreen panels used is more thicker than normal screens. A touchscreen will be half an inch thick and and weighs two pounds. Considering decreasing size demand this could be a deal-breaker.

4. Shorter battery life: Of course this factor is not affecting the desktop users but laptop’s will be ran out of battery more often if the touch-display is used since touchscreen require more power. So if you go buy a touchscreen laptop, don’t forget to get one with good battery capacity.

5. It makes your hands tired: Yes, if you use a touchscreen laptop for a long time, you will really feel your hands getting tired. To avoid that, you can use the track pad or mouse along with touch input so that functions like zooming, or dragging can be done using touchscreen while other functions like normal clicks can be carried out using mouse or track pad.

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  1. Touch screen Laptop are fun to use. I don’t mind the thickness at all.

  2. was looking for a laptop that was easy to use not complicated we have flip phones dont play games just look up u tube our e mail and face book

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