Do you ever think adding more than 5 fingerprints to your Xiaomi  smartphone?. If any one has told you it is impossible, they are wrong. You can add more than 5 fingerprints to any of your Xiaomi smartphone running MIUI be it Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4 you name it. This is a proven technique. I do this in my smartphone and I am able to unlock my Redmi Note 3 using any of my fingers. While technically MIUI allows only upto 5 fingerprints to add, you can do a simple hack that will let you add more fingerprints within a single profile.

Let’s check you we can achieve this.

How to add more than 5 fingerprints to any smartphone running MIUI

The trick is fooling the system while it asks for adding fingerprint. Usually if you go to Settings > Lockscreen and password > Manage fingerprints you can add up to 5 fingerprints. If you try to add more than 5, it will come up with following error:

“Can’t add more than 5 fingerprints. To add a new fingerprint, delete an existing fingerprint first”

Our trick is not to add further finger prints but edit the existing fingerprint to accommodate more than 5 fingers. By this method you can even add 50 fingerprints to a single fingerprint profile. This basically means if you try to unlock your device with any of these fingers – it will successfully authenticate.

Let us see how to add more than 5 fingerprints in android

If you have already added five fingerprints, delete one first. Suppose you added “fingerprint 1 ” for your right index finger, delete it. Tap on add fingerprint and proceed with pattern.

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add your fingerprint

Now when the system asks for add fingerprint, put all your fingers one by one. First your thumb, after the vibration next your index finger and so on (Not necessarily in that order). As usual, after each finger touch, the scanning gets complete after a number of attempts. Our aim is to have all our fingers indexed by the system.

add all fingers

Once all your fingers are indexed and the system registers the fingerprint, test it by locking the device and unlocking it using the fingerprint scanner. If you have done it correctly, you should be able to unlock the device by any finger that you have used to add fingerprint.

The reason why the above trick works is because the system does not check whether the fingerprint verified is using the same finger or from different fingers. This seems to work on all Xiaomi devices including Mi 5 basically measn that Xiaomi has not taken care of this till now.

Found a video on the same topic:

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  2. This is so simple but genius. Totally worked on my OnePlus 6T

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