Activate USB Mass Storage Option In CyanogenMod/Custom ROMs

Many of the android devices are running customized ROMs as the ROM change in a an android device is easy to do and apps like Titanium Backup makes things even easy. CyanogenMod is the popular choice since they’ll work continuously on a ROM making it perfect over time, release updates and patches etc. I have a Galaxy ace running on CyanogenMod 7.2 [cooper-KANG]. Everything is working except the USB mass storage option. When you connect the phone to computer via USB cable, there is no notification pops up and there were no option under settings to turn on the USB mass storage. There is no hint of USB tethering too.

So, When I need to copy files to SD card, I have to pull the SD card out,

and put it on a card-reader to make it done. I searched online and found so many others having the same issue with custom ROMs. Finally I’ve figured out a solution for the problem.


Install Easy Tether from Google Play Store. Easy Tether Lite is enough to do the job and it requires no root access. After installing the app, open it and follow the instruction to complete the set on your computer, if you wish to use the usb tether function. Check the “USB” option and connect your device to the computer/laptop using USB cable.


If everything goes fine, there should be a notification to tell you that USB is connected. Open that notification and it should be like the image below.


Tap on “Turn on USB storage” to use your SD card to appear in my computer. Start copying files and when done, Turn it off.

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  1. This doesn’t work in the slightest, are you insane????

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