MIUI is known for its ease of use and customization capabilities. With each updates, MIUI  gets better and better in many ways. But sometimes you will get clueless for simple things like opening settings of a system app. You will not find a settings icon anywhere within the application. For example, Messages app does not have a settings shortcut anywhere in the app interface. Same is the case for contacts app. Let us see how to access settings for these particular apps like contact, messaging, camera and other system apps very easily. This is for people who are not aware of shortcuts to access Messaging/Contact Settings.

open settings shortcut

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There are two ways to open Settings for Messaging/Contacts and other system apps in MIUI

Method 1 (easiest way)

  • Open the Messages app (For example)
  • Long press on the menu capacitive touch button on the bottom  (Recents button)

This will open up the settings for that particular system app, this case Messaging. You can open Contact settings and dialer settings also in the same way.

Method 2 (Time consuming)

  • Open Settings
  • Go to System apps > Messaging

This will open up the settings for the particular system app directly. Long pressing the recent button when you open the camera will bring the camera settings too.

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From the above two methods, first method works flawlessly on most of the phones like Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4 etc. It should work on almost all versions of MIUI like MIUI9, 8,7 etc. If you find its not working for you, follow the second method.

The only case where the long press wont work is when you have already assigned something to the recent button for its long press. Recents button can be customized in Settings >Additional settings >buttons.

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