Access Google Adsense Reports in Your local Time Zone

As part of the 10th anniversary programs of Google Adsense, they are producing some good news for the publishers. until now, the earnings accumulated in your adsense account was reported in based on Pacific Standard Time (PST) regardless of which part of the country you are from. But going forward, you’ll be able to change the reporting time zone. this means that if you live in India, you can change the time zone to India standard time (IST).


This information is from Google adsense newsletter of this month, and I’ve changed my time zone already. Changing  your account time zone lets you view your adsense performance reports in a a time zone that’s more relevant to you.

The Google support page says:

One of the benefits of changing your time zone is that your weekend reports are no longer skewed by traffic from Fridays or Mondays. Even after you’ve changed your time zone, you can still view your reports in the billing time zone, i.e., United States Pacific Time (PST), by switching time zone in the date range selector.

Please note that changing the time zone in your report only change the data which you ‘re accessing after that.  Your previous earnings data will be in the old time zone and the data after that point will be aggregated in your selected account time zone.  However you payments will not obey the new time zone and will always be in the PST zone.

To change the time-zone of your Adsense account into local time zone:

  • Sign in to Adsense
  • click Account Settings under Home tab.
  • Scroll down to Account Information section, click edit besides Time zone
  • Select your time-zone from the drop down list and click save
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