You would no longer have to wait for the Television News to check the weather. Now there are plenty of apps available on the Google Playstore to check the weather of the place you are at and these apps provide accurate information on rain, snow, wind, etc. Now plan your vacations in advance by using these weather apps which forecast the weather up to ten days in advance. Here are the best apps to check the weather in India.

AccuWeather: Live Daily Forecast & Weekend Alerts

This is the best app available on the Google Playstore for checking the weather. This is the Editor’s choice for weather apps and for good reason too. You get live weather forecasts and alerts with pinpoint accuracy. Wherever you are in the world, this app provides the exact weather forecast for your area without any errors.

It provides useful weather alerts to keep you safe like rain alerts and storm warnings and the amazing RealFeel Temperature is used to provide you information on the temperature outside. You will be able to check weather forecasts for any locations in the world up to fifteen days in advance. Hence you can plan your vacations accordingly.

Weather: Forecast & Radar Maps

Loved by over one and a half million people around the world, this app is one of the Editor’s choices for checking the weather. The joint top on our list of weather forecast apps comes to this little gem. What makes this app special is the amazing is the features it provides. It provides important weather alerts so that you can stay away from any storm or rain and daily updation of up to fifteen days forecast is also impressive.

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Along with weather reports, you can get information about sunset times, cold and flu reports and you can pick your best jogging route by analyzing the temperature and examining detailed wind speed. It also provides high-risk allergy alerts and medical advice and is the only app to provide these features.

Yahoo Weather

This weather forecast app from Yahoo scores points for its impressive design more than anything else. It features beautiful photos according to the weather of your location. You can add a home screen widget for the latest weather information.

The app includes weather forecasts for the next ten days. It encompasses an interactive radar, satellite, and hind maps. This one alerts you in case of catastrophic weather occurrences and it also contains a humidity sensor along with a UV index.


This app is updated hourly and has weather report for weather for today and also ten-day weather forecast. On the home screen, you will be able to see the weather of your location. And in addition to this, users can add cities of their choices to check the weather of the major cities. There is a lot more than the weather to this app.

It includes information like atmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibility distance, etc and the weather forecast is accurate and reliable. It detects your location by GPS.

World weather forecast & local weather

This is the most popular and highest rated weather app available on the Google Playstore to check the weather in India. It will be useful to check the local weather and the weather map of the area of your choice. It consists of many features as well as a few useful weather widgets like the weather radar widget and clock widget. This weather app is reliable and collects the information using forecastle Tiempo data from AccuWeather service. You will be able to check the real-time temperature, humidity, pressure and wind direction. It consists of a sunrise calendar and a sunset calendar.

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This app has accurate information about your location anytime and everywhere. It shows all weather-related information like the forecast, real-time snow, ice, rain and storm reports. It detects all the information automatically. Other cool information provided by the app includes weather conditions, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation in a different unit, dew point, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance. It is free to provides weather forecast for countries like the US, UK, India, China, etc.



The impressive features of this app are accurate positioning, two weeks of ready weather forecasts, attention to every moment, etc. It gives a detailed description of the weather like sunrise time, sunset time, humidity, precipitation probability, visibility, etc. The user interface of this app is simple and filled with features. It gives precise weather descriptions from cities across the world.

Weather & Clock Widget for Android

The app has some neat features and widgets including the current weather, moon phase, calendar events, alarms, etc. It shows up to ten days of weather forecasts. The weather forecast is updated hourly. It uses radar services and can show relative humidity percentage.UV index, dew point, wind speed, sunrise, sunset times, etc are some other features included in this app.

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