6 Tips and Tricks for the Updated Google Maps for Android, iOS

Recently, Google has updated the Maps and Navigation apps for Android, iPhone and iPad making some useful changes to the previous version. Now, the web-giant has published some tips and tricks to get the most out of the new Google Maps in their Maps blog Google Lat Long. The new updated maps app has a very simple interface but packed with features, some of them may seem hidden to users, so these tips will help you to explore the full potential of the updates. Here’s six tips and tricks for the new Google maps which will help you to make the most out of the new maps.


1. Zooming the Map:

In addition to the default pinch-to-zoom option there’s another way of zooming the map. You can double tap on the map, hold then scroll up and down to zoom in and out. The new feature lets you zoom the maps conveniently.

2. Save Maps for Offline Use:

The previous version has a direct menu item for saving the offline maps, but the new version hides the feature from menu leaving an indirect way to use this feature. To access a map offline, simply open the map area, tap the search box and scroll up past the search suggestions, choose, “Make this map area available offline”. Kindly note that this option is currently available only for Android users, iPhone and iOS user may expect this feature in the upcoming updates.

3. Find business details:

If you are in search for a local business or something similar, choose one of the search results – then swipe up and down the information sheet to get more details about the place. Swiping left and right would give you more places.

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4. Drop a pin to find Street view

In order to find street view and find directions, press and hold on a point to drop a pin. Then tap on the bottom to explore the street view of that place. you can also save or share the location by text or email.

5. Explore local businesses

if you’re in a city, there’s no necessity of knowing the best hotels,restaurants ou there – To find the recommendations of them , tap search bar and the touch ” Explore” . You would be able to browse the suggestion by Eat, Drink, Shop, Play, or Sleep.

6. Add reviews and ratings

To make the service more improved, Google has added an option to rate and review a local business. It helps other people to know about the service of that local business. To do this, tap on the search button, search for a local business, scroll down to the “Rate and Review” section in the info sheet the you can rate the place by tapping the number of stars or you could write a short review (You must have signed in to Google Maps and should have a Google+ account).

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