Redmi phones have always been a favorite among mid-range users ever since its launch back in 2013. One of the latest models launched by Xiaomi in this series is the Redmi K20.In this article, we list a few quick fixes and methods to improve the speed and performance of the Redmi K20.

The following steps mentioned here can be applied if your phone is running very slowly or if it lags or takes more time than usual to respond especially while opening apps. You must switch off and restart the phone after each fix is applied to check whether it worked.

Use Profiler App to see CPU load

Get the Profiler app from here:

This app can be used to observe the real-time elements. The app displays details in a floating window. The app window is customizable. It shows details about the CPU load for each core available. It can also monitor network traffic and RAM usage. Use this app to see which apps are loading the CPU. After analyzing the performance of your K20 using this app, you can increase the performance of the phone using the steps given below.



Storage space problems

Another reason that might cause a decrease in the phone’s performance may be the lack of storage space available. Ideally, the phone should at least have 20 to 30% of the storage space left to perform smoothly without hanging. If the storage space goes well below 10%, it will hurt the phone’s performance. You will need to back up all your photos and videos to some external memory. Any app that you haven’t used for a while can also be uninstalled to save storage space. The storage space details can be viewed in your settings app.

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Speed up System animations or disable them completely

The animations depending upon the launcher can slow down your system performance. You will either need to speed up your system animations or disable them completely. You can disable the animations from your launcher settings as shown in the picture below. Or else you will be able to speed up your system animations as shown here.


Check RAM usage

Using multiple apps simultaneously or multitasking can cause system performance to slow down. You can clear up the RAM by swiping off the background running apps. You can check the RAM used by each app from the settings menu. Freeing up RAM can increase the system performance and will stop your apps from hanging as well.

Avoid Apps like Clean Master

Apps like Clean Master claim to improve system performance by clearing out junk files from your computer. However, these apps have more disadvantages than advantages. You’re built-in Android OS is sufficient enough to free up the RAM as well. These apps cant do much that a simple restart of the phone can’t do. These apps can also drain out your battery quicker than before.

Restart your phone

Restarting the phone will stop all operations occurring in the background and restart everything from the beginning. A factory reset can also be done as a last resort to see if the issues are solved. The important thing to remember with the factory reset operations is to back up all the user data to some external memory card.

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Try the steps above to improve the speed and performance of your Redmi K20.



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