No smartphone is perfect, and there isn’t going to be a perfect phone ever. Each smartphone in the market, no matter how costly it is not perfect.  Everything has its own pros and cons. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 has many good things but also it has some bad things too. Here’s we are going to talk about some of its bad things. Most of these drawbacks may be trivial and won’t affect you smartphone experience in any way. But let’s point them out so that you will get a clear idea of what you are going to be missing out if you buy the Redmi Note 5 pro. Here are the 5 major drawbacks of Redmi Note 5 pro.

Five Major cons of Redmi Note 5 pro

1. Average Speaker

If you compare the Redmi Note 5 pro’s speaker to some of the other brand phones such as Lenovo, Moto etc are providing better speakers in this price range. In terms of loudness, you won’t face any issues as it produces enough sound for your ringtones and daily listening.But sound quality is on the tenuous side.

If you are looking for entertainment smartphone, obviously you’ll be expecting a good speaker, then Redmi Note 5 pro would disappoint you a bit.

2. Camera bump

Do not underestimate this problem. Redmi Note 5 pro has an amazing camera setup, both back and front cameras are exceptional for its price. But this smartphone has a camera bump which could cause issues in long-term usage especially if you are planning to use Redmi Note 5 pro without a cover. If you are sort of rough user and you have a habit of placing your phone on its back all the time, trust me you will ruin your camera lens someday and it will get scratches very badly. Sadly, camera lens will not come under warranty and you will have to pay its price if you want to replace it.

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You can prevent the damage by using the cover which comes with the smartphone. It is good to see that they have given the lens protection on the cover. But it is not armed for accidental drops but will only prevent from scratches from rough surfaces.

3. Still no USB Type-C?

All the Xiaomi fans out there had asked this question. Why Xiaomi is still using the micro-USB port even in 2018?. Compared to the USB Type-C port, the micro USB port and its cable have short life spans. Also, micro USB cable is not reversible like the Type-C cable and they have way lower data transfer speed. Personally, I would love to see a Type-C port on the Redmi Note 5 pro just like the Mi A1 which was released a few months ago.

4. No 4K video recording

The Redmi Note 5 pro supports video recording only up to 1080p. It does not have the option for video recording, even though the Snapdragon 636 supports 4K recording. It is funny to see that the Redmi Note 5, the smaller variant of the Note 5 pro supports 4K recording. Its EIS (Electronic image stabilization) is remarkable although sometimes the video recording struggles with focusing. We hope Xiaomi will fix this in the future software updates.

5. Hybrid SIM slot

In Redmi Nite 5 pro, you get a hybrid SIM slot in which you can 1 SIM card or an SD card or two SIM cards at a time. If you are a casual user, 64 GB should be enough for you. But if you are a heavy user who uses two SIM cards, there’s isn’t a scope to add a memory card. Although, you can try this hybrid sim slot adapter which will let you use 2 SIM cards & SD card simultaneously in a hybrid slot.

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As you go through the above cons of the smartphone, none of them is a deal breaker in my opinion. If you have the money and the above points are not a problem for you, go ahead and buy Redmi Note 5 pro because apart from the above points, rest everything is good on this phone. You can also read Redmi Note 5 pro review with pros and cons to get a clear understanding of the smartphone before you buy it.

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