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The rise of technology in our modern times has influenced the younger generation and their way of learning by leaps and bounds. The quality of education one used to receive earlier depended on the amount of money one used to possess and all such practices has disappeared. For example, one of the most successful providers of education named Byju’s the learning app  have been heard to re-engineer the face of modern education using revolutionary technology .

To provide quality education to students are not impossible any more owing to the advent of tablet PCs and smartphones loaded with educational apps that are aimed towards student learning. The edu apps are mostly preferred by students across the world to in place of books like NCERT textbooks so that they could grasp concepts in an interactive manner unlike the conventional method of learning.


  1. The apps work on portable devices

The best part related to the usage of mobile edu apps is the simple fact that they work well on portable devices like smartphones, tablet PCs quiet smoothly. This would also imply that the devices could be used at any time and place that would be helpful for teachers, students and parents alike. That would mean that students would be able to attend their online classes on the fly.

  1. Proper management of spare time

Most of the parents are concerned about how to make their children manage their free time in an efficient manner where they should enjoy doing some activity while learning something new in the due course. Students are exposed to entertainment elements like videos, games and movies to some extent. So these elements would be converted into something productive like interactive games, animated videos and so on in the Edu apps. This would provide students the impetus to do more and learn more in the domain of learning.

  1. Available round the clock
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One of the most important limits of classroom coaching is the fact that they are bound by time limits. This limitation could be overcome by the use of Edu apps by all means as they are accessible on the fly from practically anywhere. The e-learning would also be stress free and easier to use even for small children.

  1. Systematise the learning in different ways

If the students wish to learn smart, they should understand that there should be a structured and systematic way to learn as this end is achieved by the use of Edu apps as the topics are divided into different sections where progress is marked step by step in a logical pattern that ensures discipline and a systematic style of learning.

  1. Helps to connect with teachers and mentors

The advent of Edu apps on tablet devices has resulted in the formation of communities where students and teachers take part actively like forums, blogs and chat sites where students could post their pressing issues that would have come from a section of the CBSE Syllabus and get their doubts cleared. This has reduced the gap between teachers and students to a great extent as opposed to the conventional way of teaching.

The points discussed above would have provided you with an outline on how the face of modern education has been revamped with the arrival of Edu apps. Thus one could state without doubt that Edu apps would take the education sector to an unprecedented level.

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