5 Free Android Apps For Programming Students

There are many students out there who wants to learn computer programming that may be, C, C++, Java, or even Android programming. There are lots of books available to learn programming languages but reading through every single line of those references is a tedious job and we get easily bored hunting for facts. For students there are lots of apps in the Google Play store that will help you to study programming easily and effectively. Here’s few such apps

1. Codebox
Once you’ve learned the basics of a computer language its better to try writing some program of your own. For this you must be familiar with some general programming techniques. Codebox contains a reference to common computer programming problems usually asked in interviews and competitive exams. Each of these programs are available in both C and Java languages. The codes are given in a nice layout that supports distraction free learning and highlighting to make reading easier.


2. DroidEdit (free code editor)

It is a free code editor application for android devices. This source code editing app has a syntax highlighting feature for many languages like C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, SQL. So if you’re learning any of these languages you can type and edit programs while you’re travelling.


3. Java Quick Reference Cards

No longer available

This app will come handy if you’re preparing for an exam or an interview. It has the best collection of java quick reference cards. 45 Cheat sheats on your mobile and a java programming guide is included.

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4. Learn Android Programming

Android is the most popular mobile OS today. If you’re in search of programming manuals and references, this app could help you a lot to get the basic concepts of programming in android. It contains quick summery of essential concepts of programming and compact chapters.


5. Learn PHP And MySql

No longer available

This application is to learn PHP and Mysql. It contains descriptions of basic Database and PHP concepts Mysql Datbase, Data types, DDL and DML, PHP operators, conditional statements, arrays etc.



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