5 Best Volume/Bass Booster Free  Apps For Android

The manufacturers of Android smartphones always try to make their device slimmer. This is many times the reason for them to get criticized for sound quality. However equalizer apps have changed that a bit. Equalizers are hardware or software frequency filters that vary loudness for certain frequencies. equalizer apps allow us to choose which of the frequencies in the audio range is to be enhanced. According to this selected frequency, the sound may appear bass boosted or treble/voice enhanced.

Here’s Five free such android apps to improve sound quality of your device. Click on their title to download from play store.

1. Music Volume EQ

This is a volume slider app with VU meter and five band Equalizer with Bass Boost and Visualizer effects. From the user responses this app works well with all mobiles as they get their sound quality improved a lot.

Music Volume EQ

2. Equalizer

This is a famous and very first effective android equalizer app. This application is equipped with 5 band system-wide EQ and 11 stock presets. Users can set their own presets using a custom preset option. it also has bass booster, virtualizer and sound reverb features.


3. Bass Booster

This bass booster has already got thousands of good revies in play Store. The improve sound quality significantly aswe can feel that even in our stock headphones.

Bass Booster

4. DSP Manager

Sorry to put this here as it is not available in play store. But I should do this because this one is great app to enhance the sound. Even if this app is apart of CyangenMod firmware, you can install DSP manager on any ROM by reading the thread.

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5. Volume+ FREE

This one has a unique feature of adjusting the equalizer automatically by detecting the playing sound whether its hip hop, rock, classic etc. Anyway the developers recommends installing this app on CyanogenMod 7 or MIUI ROM.

Volume+ FREE

These apps are only my selection and more great sound enhancement apps may be available. Please share them below comments to help other users.

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