Ever since Reliance Jio began to dish out affordable data plans for mobile users, every business revolving around the internet began to thrive in India. None more so than video streaming services from Youtube to Netflix. Tech giants from all over the world have been swarming in for their cut from a country with over a billion people. Binge-watching was not a culture popular in the subcontinent. But with the arrival of these major players in the game, Television series from all over the world are now available at your fingertips to binge. Here we list some of the best online video streaming platforms in India.

Best Video Streaming Platforms in India


Best Video Streaming Platforms in India

One of the pioneers of the field in India, Hotstar is owned by Star India. It is one of the best streaming sites in India. It features movies from across the country in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam and international movies from the US and the UK. Also featured are TV series, NEWS and all types of sports. Some cricket matches have almost 15 million audiences at a time. That alone proves how good the servers are.

Hotstar requires at least 4G connection to enjoy HD content. It works well in lower quality in 3G connections too. Premium content requires you to pay a fee annually. The rest of the content is absolutely free. Based on the number of active users, Hotstar is the biggest streaming service in India. It has around seventy-five million active users in India. This large number is mainly due to the fact that Hotstar offers a lot of free content compared to the other streaming services that don’t provide the same service. Featuring shows from HBO, ABC, etc, Hotstar is definitely up there if you love international shows like the Game of Thrones.

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Fee: 999 INR/year for premium.


Best Video Streaming Platforms

The biggest video streaming platform on the planet, Netflix has bagged over five million active users in the country. Unlike Hotstar, Netflix does not offer free content. So technically, the number of premium users of Hotstar and the entire user count of Netflix could be a close match. Netflix does not air in India, all the shows that the air in the US. The rate for a Netflix account is actually quite cheap in India compared to the US.

Netflix charges around 6ooINR for a single screen user account. However if you are willing to share the account with your friends, four of you can pool in with 200INR each and get the subscription that charges 800INR a  month and plays on four different screens. The subscription that charges 599INR can only be played on one screen. Binge-watching became a culture in the US after the arrival of Netflix. Even the term Netflix and Chill has been taken into the dictionary.

The main advantage of Netflix over Hotstar is the number of original shows that Netflix has. Netflix introduced the system of watching all the episodes on the go, so you don’t have to wait for the next episode like you do when you watch cable TV. It has mostly replaced cable TV in the US. It would probably take years for Netflix to repeat that level of success in India. But they surely are here to stay.


Prime Video

Best Video Streaming Platforms in India

Amazon Prime Video streaming service owned by the e-commerce giant Amazon is another alternative for you. After Hotstar, Amazon Prime has the most number of active users in India having over ten million users in India. The subscription fee is the main attraction of Prime compared to Netflix. Just like Hotstar, the entire years’ subscription fee is as low as one thousand rupees for Prime. Another feature of this subscription is that you will get fast delivery and early access to goods on Amazon. Prime has really played its card right when it comes to buying the streaming rights of Indian movies not only in India but also among regional languages making it a popular streaming site among users.

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best video streaming services in india


Jio cinema can be used by Jio users without paying any additional cost. The content streamed is mainly those in regional languages. But foreign movies and shows are available. Since this is a completely free service, do not expect the quality content like those in Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, etc. Jio cinema now even has a web version apart from the app.


best video streaming services

Zee5 is an Indian online video streaming service run by  Zee Entertainment. Fairly new to the game, Zee5 started about a year ago in 2018 and has the future in front of it to grow into and adapt to the new age. At the moment it has a few original series mainly a biopic of Sunny Leone.

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