All those who are using an iPhone might have used a music app called Boom. Now, if you ask what is special about it – Unlike other music playing apps out there, it provides 3D surround sound effects for your normal mp3 files.There are few android music player apps out there  which already has these features, but by the arrival of 3D Surround Music Player, android users can also claim that they have a premium quality music app which has all those features that Boom Provides.

3d surround player now playing ui

Many of the android users might be thinking Poweramp is the best music player out there you can get, but this app has already reaching 1 million installs with an average rating of 4.5, being one of its competition. But in addition to the normal sound effects such as bass, treble and equalizer options this app will give two other major sound effects. Virtual 3D and Surround.If you go to sound effects by swiping up, you can see many options for surround and 3d along with bass, treble effects.

3d surround player sound effects

You will notice the sound clarity upon playing the first song. It never overload the speakers even though in phones which has a history of delivering poor sound with native music apps.

The “Now Playing” UI has direct toggle buttons to enable/disable these features which is very convenient. Also, the UI is very carefully designed. There are gestures which can be used to easily adjust volume, access playlist, change sound effects, traversing through tracks etc. The search functionality is working as expected and it immediately show up results.

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3d surround player trail

Is this app free. No. But you can install the app from play store for free and try for 15 days. After that it will cost you Rs. 200 (~$3).


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