Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) vs Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

We have discussed different Autofocusing techniques used in smartphones in the past. Whenever you check the specifications of high-end phones, a term you might have seen is the OIS. So what exactly is OIS? Well, OIS is short for Optical Image Stabilization. It is a technology used to take good quality photographs even when your phone is shaking.

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JBL Live 500BT vs JBL Live 650BT – Bluetooth Headphones Comparison

Pioneers in the field, JBL headphones are always top-notch when it comes to design, sound quality and even affordability. The two mid-range budget Bluetooth headphones from JBL, the 500BT, and 650BT models are being compared here. The 500BT models will cost you around 8K INR whereas you would have to pay an extra 2k INR if you want to buy its successor.

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