Motorola Pace 100 vs Boat Bassheads 100 : Earphones comparison

Motorola Pace 100 and Boat BassHeads 100 are two of the best low budget in-ear earphones available in the market. Coming in at just under four hundred rupees, they are the top-selling earphones of this price range. But which one is better? Here we compare Motorola Pace 100 vs Boat Bassheads 100 for all the specifications of the two earphones to help you decide which one to purchase.

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10 Best Life Hack Apps for Android

Life Hacks refers to┬ásimple yet clever tips to get around hard tasks and save your time and energy while doing so. People find useful life hacks from their own experiences. When these hacks are shared with others, it makes everyone’s life that much easier. Here we list ten best life hack apps available on Google Playstore that contains a large collection of life hacks that are guaranteed to make your life easier.

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How to Watch Foreign Videos on TikTok For You Page

TikTok is one of the largest video sharing platforms on the internet. Within a year of its launch, it has spread across the world among the young generation and now it’s competing with the veterans of the field like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram in obtaining new users.

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How to Change YouTube Trending Page Location

Youtube trending page shows up all the videos that received the most views in the last twenty-four hours in your region. These videos may be related to some sports events, or some event that occurred near you, or even a video from a popular YouTuber.Whatever the content is, you can always keep up with the latest trends and news around you on the trending page.

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