Best Camera Document Scanner & PDF Converter Android Apps

There are apps for everything these days and these following collection of apps will definitely make your life easy. Scan anything from photos, documents to Newspaper cuttings using your smartphone camera and convert it into a pdf file with the tap of a button using these amazing apps now available on playstore.

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Asus Zenbook Pro Duo – Dual Screen Advantages

Get ready for the laptop of tomorrow. That is exactly how Asus is marketing their brand new Zenbook Pro Duo. As the name suggests, this laptop comes with a dual screen with the second screen placed just above the keyboard. It has a 15 inch 16:9 OLED panel as the primary screen.

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Best Android Learning Apps for Kids – 2019

Using the new opportunities provided to us by the internet and smartphones for teaching our toddlers from a very young age is not something unheard of these days. Kids spend a lot of time on the parents’ smartphones these days. How about utilizing that time to teach them some basics with some free, fun and simple learning app.

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