Audio Technica M50x Vs M40x Comparison – Which is Better?

We have been doing comparisons between wireless headphones for quite a while now. How about a comparison between two studio-grade headphones which are very popular in its category?. Here’s a brief comparison between Audio Technica M50x and M40x. This comparison has its own significance because most people feel that the M40x is a better deal than M50x due to several reasons.

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Tagg Inferno Bluetooth Earphones Review, Pros and Cons

Today we are going to look at a pair of earphones that might be the best in its price range. Let’s have a look at Tagg Inferno review, pros, and cons. Tagg Inferno, a pair of budget bluetooth earphones, looking at it you can make out right away that these are sporty earphones though you can use it for normal music listening as well.

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