Sony MBH20 Bluetooth Headset (Mono) Review

We have been comparing and reviewing quite a lot of wireless Bluetooth based earphones and headphones lately, all stereo music listening type. But one of our reader asked to suggest a good Mono Bluetooth headset which does its job of calling and conferencing perfectly with a good battery backup.

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Chevron Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

Wireless earbuds are a trend nowadays as Apple just fueled it with their Earpods recently. Even though the Apple Earpods are a bit costly, its popularity implies more companies are going to manufacture similar products in an affordable rate. Here we are going to review such as product, Chevron Wireless Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones which is available in Amazon India for less than Rs.

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Future J3 Earphones Review : Best Budget Earphone?

The Future J3 is a relatively new In-Ear earphone in budget range. It is available exclusively on Amazon and will reach you within couple of days after ordering. Here’s a review of the Future J3 earphone which is less known but gaining popularity since I can see many people ordering the earphone just by hearing the reviews from other who already bought it.

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