Smartphone without an app drawer is very common these days. Just like removing 3.5 mm audio jack,  android  UI lacking a app drawer is very much criticized. In Xiaomi phones like Redmi note 4 running MIUI 9 (Previous versions of MIUI too), conditions are not different. Searching for an app that is installed in your mobile phone can sometimes get a little annoying. As you install plenty of apps and they move around and get placed in different folders, it will become even difficult to find out. This is the time you really miss an app drawer for your smartphone. This articles shares two easy methods to search for an app in MIUI so that you can quickly open the app without wasting time.

Google Search to find an installed app in MIUI

Google has already provided a way to search app, contacts, music etc directly from the search bar on your smartphone home screen.

If you want to configure the search results, open Google app (you have to find that in your home screen) and tap on the menu icon then tap on Settings. Then hit Personal from the list.

Here you can see a list on which google will attempt to search when you try a query on the search bar. You can uncheck or check the items you want.

google personal search

The above method is readily available and no need to install any third party apps for app search as Google app will be installed in almost every android phone by default. However there are some disadvantages to this method.

  • Some people doesn’t like the google search bar on their home screen and they remove it.
  • The search results often contains unwanted information. For example if you search for an app named “snapseed”, you will not only get the snapseed shortcut but the Google search suggestions as well. This is unwanted since you know you already have snapseed installed on your device.
  • This is not a dedicated app search box
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Use a app drawer to find installed app

If you are a fan of app drawers and your Xiaomi phone doesn’t have one makes no sense to you, then you can find a perfect third party app drawer and install on your device. Most of the app drawers has a search bar associated with it. You can open the app drawer and search the app you want by typing it. Mostly app drawers are smart enough to categories and sort your apps in a certain way so that you wont take much time to launch an app.

app drawer on MIUI

For instance, I’m using an app called App Drawer. This particular app drawer is very lightweight and simple to use. You can configure it in such a way that when you open the app drawer, the search bar is initialized with keyboard pops out instantly. For convenience you can place it on the center of the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

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There are few other techniques which you could use to open apps immediately

  • Use voice to launch apps – Google Assistant
  • Use gestures for app launch.
  • Use lock screen shortcuts
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  1. Had a tough time searching for apps. This was very helpful. App Drawer is a good apps. Very comfortable searching for apps now

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