2 Best Customized ROM’s For Samsung Galaxy S duos With Installation Guide

Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562 is a low end but very popular mobile phone that was released plenty of them already.  The main problem with S duos is the low end processor and small amount of RAM that makes it sluggish and poor performance. If you’re experiencing lag (Most probably with stock ROM), you might try these customized android firmwares for S duos device that are known for best performance.  Here’s some of the best ROMs out there you can flash it on your phone also with the step by step installation instructions. Before getting into that, I’ll give you a n idea of the requirements for installing a Custom ROM on Galaxy S duos.

  • The phone should be rooted : If you’re already rooted, then no problem. Otherwise Google how to root S duos to get rooted.
  • Install CWM recovery on your phone. Search Google to download CWM and install it in your phone.
  • Enable USB debugging: To do this, goto android settings, Manage Application > Development > USB debugging > Tick the check box.
  • Create a backup of all your contacts, applications and data. Use Titanium backup for protecting apps and data
  • Before proceeding, make sure that phone has atleast 60% charge in it.

1. KyleOPEN Custom ROM

This ROM is made for S duos by XDA developer Cheatman and it is known as the best ROM for galaxy ace. This ROM delivers smooth performance along with many other customization like custom boot sound, boot image, added Google Now etc. A major benefit of this version of firmware is the Flash player support.

roml52ecef139f960 romk rom

Installation Steps:

  • Download KyleOPEN  ROM  and copy it to your SD card
  • Backup all that I’ve mentioned and shutdown your Galaxy S duos. After it is completely off, press volume up button+home+lock button.
  • You’ll be booted into the CWM recovery. You perform two actions in this step. One is the Wipe data > Yes and Wipe Dalvik cache > Yes.
  • Go back to main menu, choose “Install zip from sd card” and select the zip file you’ve downloaded.
  • The installation would take about 5 minutes. After that go back to main menu and reboot.
  • Setup your new OS
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2. HyperX™ ROM

charles1111 is a developer from XDA is the author of this ROM. It is a complete factory android ROM with minor performance and power saving tweaks and  so that you’ll have very few bugs where the performance is top. This ROM is always better than the stock firware which is come along with S duos. It has CM9 based theme and jellybean type dropdown notifications.

Screenshot_2013-11-12-18-32-5552ecfcc72e177 Screenshot_2013-11-12-18-32-04 Screenshot_2013-11-12-18-31-21

Installation Process:

  • First, download the HyperX ROM and copy it in the sd card.
  • Shut down the S duos. After it is turned off completely, press volume up button+home+lock button.
  • In the CWM recovery Wipe data and Wipe dalvik cache.
  • From the main menu, choose “Install zip from SD card” and select the file which you’ve downloaded.
  • Wait till the installation completes. After that, go back to main menu and reboot.
  • Setup the new customized OS.


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