100% Cashback and 1 Lack Worth Shopping For New Moto G Buyers on Flipkart

The most popular shopping website in India, Flipkart is now rolling out some attractive offers for new Motorola Moto G buyers. They’ve announced a lucky contest among new purchasers of Moto G. One lucky winner will get 1 Year free shopping with Flipkart worth 1 Lack and 100 other winners will get 100% cash-back on the phone.



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The bumper price winner is going to get an E-voucher valued Rs.100000 on Flipkart, which he could use to buy things from there for 1 Year. The cash-back offer for 100 customers is again only in the form of E-voucher which means he can purchase for the money he paid for Moto G.

In-order to avail this offer, the new buyers of Moto G from Flipkart needs to answer to a question related to smartphones. They’ll have to text it to the Flipkart number 09250692506  along with the purchase order ID before before April 30, 2014. You can checkout Flipkart Facebook page to to know the winners which will be announced on May 7. A customer can only participate the contest onece and the prizes will only given in the form of e-gift vouchers.

In contrast to the offer on Flipkart, now Moto G is the best mid-range smartphone you could get under 15000k. Its price range starts at Rs. 12,499 for 8 GB model and 13,999 for a 16 GB model.

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