There is numerous app on Android smartphones that are sure to make your life easier and more fun. Here we list some of the brand new exciting apps of 2019 that are a must have on your smartphone. These are some of the cool and interesting android apps that I found interesting.

1. Firefox Send

Firefox Send is an app that lets you send any file anywhere. You’ve probably seen a fair few apps like this but this has a bunch of traits that really elevate it for starters it’s got no ads you can set conditions after which the files will expire. For example, after they’ve been up for seven days or after they’ve been downloaded a certain number of times and unlike other file transfer services the other person doesn’t need to download any software when you send a file they just get a direct download link.


Around sound is a voice recorder and its greatest strength is not really in its functionality because it just records your voice like any other one. It comes to its own because of its ease you see when you install the app you can place it as a quick toggle in your status bar and so anytime anywhere with just two touches on your screen you can be recording and then with one more you can stop and the app also makes it pretty easy to share whatever you’ve recorded with your friends.


Its a wallpaper app but it’s made by the same artist that created the default one plus home screens and so everything has that same level of polish and nuance and they’re all in 4k resolution plus the app itself is beautifully done with again no ads at all.

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4. Aicut

Its as a smart photo editor it’s an editor that lets you fiddle with the usual things like filters like saturation but all whilst knowing which part of your picture is foreground and which part is background because the app has this understanding it lets you tweak these two things separately so I could ramp up the colors in the scene behind you whilst not up in the saturation your face because you don’t want to look like a tomato.


We’ve also got a paid app on this list too ,storage organizer basically gives you a bunch of different ways to organize your storage so one of the more important tricks here is its ability to scan for duplicate files for example where you’ve accidentally downloaded the same up twice but it can go step further by removing corrupted files as well as empty folders and what it calls useless files or files that are no longer useful to your phone.



You might well have seen the spot on alarm which lets you wake up in the morning to a song chosen from Spotify well the company latest edition is the same thing there even better because it can find any song from YouTube so you don’t need any kind of premium membership you just set your alarm as you would on any other alarm app and then pick your tune from YouTube as if it was already downloaded on your phone.


Rise is an application all about sleeping better. It’s a combination of meditation exercises muscle relaxation tutorials and a sleep diary for you to keep track of how you’re doing and it’s presented in this honestly beautiful interface I do think some parts of the app are a little gimmicky and you do need to pay to get a lot of its features but I have spent some time with the meditations themselves and I was really impressed. I nearly fell asleep during the middle of the day.

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Ever since the birth of the notch, people have been fighting this battle to make it as little of an eyesore as possible. We’ve got an app Battery Notch and it kind of help by making it at least more useful. It turns your punch hole or your notch into a battery indicator and there’s a massive amount of customization I can’t think of a single phone’s cut out that this thing wouldn’t cover and if you did get the pro version you can start fiddling with colors and animation settings.



There is something about the way scribble animates your photos that really makes them pop. All you do is you pull up a photo in the app and then you draw on top of it and it’s quite generous .I’m not a brilliant artist but it makes me look quite good you then click next and the app creates this looping animation of your drawing I think it’ll make quite a cool Instagram story especially if you were going to post that plain image anyway .


We’ve then got afterglow which is a  newish icon pack based on pastel colors and high vibrance each icon has a really subtle glow and I think it’s an amazing balance of sticking to what works in terms of material design but then also pushing the boat out just enough to feel fresh.


(Bonus) Skip track settings

(Not available in Google Play).  This app which once installed goes back and forward through whatever song is playing just by holding your volume keys. So the phone can be in your pocket screen off and it’s still going to work and you don those full control over volume you can just use multiple taps to increase or decrease it.

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