If you own a smartphone, then surely you do love Gaming apps. The mobile gaming has changed a lot since android and iOS phones are introduced and they are the best whenever you get bored. The advantage of installing multiplayer games on your Android smartphone is that the enjoyment doubles as you could get your friend as opponent. There are tons of android game apps there that has multiplayer feature via both WiFi and Bluetooth, here we’re listing ten Bluetooth multiplayer Games for android that seems best. The list contains games from all genres.

1. Raging Thunder 2 (Racing)

Probably raging thunder might be the first racing game that you’ve played on your smartphone. Raging Thunder 2 is a high quality racing game that has many cars to choose and many places to go through. It will take you to abandoned temples, tropical beaches, snow-covered mountains, etc. It is a cross-platform multiplayer racing game that you’ll definitely enjoy.


2. Monkey Boxing

This one is a free and funny multiplayer 3D game. Enter the ring do exciting K.O.s and combos moreover customize your monkey and ultimately win your trophies.

monkey boxing

3. Brother in Arms 2

This game is an action pcked shooter game for android for free. It includes the provision of multiplayer through bluetooth. It has excellent visual styles and sophisticated controls making the game very enjoyable.


4. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

This is another war game competing PC video games in its look and stunning display of graphics. It will bring you the most modern war experiences and you could play multiplayer using bluetooth without any hassle.

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5. Checkers HD

Checkers app is a modern version of old classic game. It is a simple and addictive game for single player as well as multiplayer. This game is similar to chess but different rules.


6. Worms 2: Armageddon

Worms 2 is a best in class strategy game for android. It is  multiplayer enabled, the game is you control a set of worms to defeat the opposite team. You can have your weapons and go for the battle.


7. Bluetooth chess

The game entertains chess players around. It is a simple and free chess game and as the name shows you can play with your friend just pairing both devices through Bluetooth.


 8. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

If flight simulation games are you choice, then Sky Gamblers is best for you. It’s one of the best arcade game, you can play several missions as you master the controls. It has superb 3D graphics and detailed plane models.


9. Virtua Tennis Challenge

We cant avoid sports games and Virtua Tennis Challenge is worth buying. You can compete against 50 players in 18 stadiums around the world. As you gain experience you can call your friend to play face to face using Bluetooth multiplayer option.

virtua tennis

10. Aircraft Online

No longer available

You can play this free game if you love to operate fighter planes and carryout missions and distroy opponents It has excellent graphics and good at large displays. You could compete with your friends using multiplayer.


UPDATE: If you feel the above list is outdated, please visit Top 10 Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android which we have posted more recently.

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  3. I have posted advertised wide and far yet my game is not getting the deserved justice. Check out Umz Mini Games on Google Play. It should definitely be a part of your list. It is the most engaging Bluetooth game on the market!

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