If you are someone fascinated by science and technology and want to know the major updates happening in your field of interest whether it is astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc, there are plenty of apps available for you. These apps are available in the Google PlayStore, and you will have the news from all the major tech blogs and websites at your fingertips. You will no longer have to go to each site individually to check the news. Check out these following apps if you are interested to be updated with the progress in science and technology. These are the best science journal apps to read science articles on your smartphone every day.

Best apps to read science articles and news

1) Science News Daily – Fastest Science News App

This is the number one app on our list and for good reasons too. The app performance itself is top notch quality. The first thing that opens up when you click on the app is the news feed that allows you to browse and read all the latest news happening around the world related to science and technology.

The daily updation of the articles means we won’t miss any new stories happening in the science world. The app is highly credible when it comes to the news since the data are taken from highly reputed publications. The news feed is also customizable so that you can choose to turn off the news for fields that you are not particularly interested in.


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Space, Technology, Health, Environment are a selected few categories of news updated every day. Apart from the updation of the news, the app in itself gets some useful updates once in a while improving the UI.

2) Science News & Discoveries – NF

This app is pretty basic and has a standard UI with a clean Newsfeed with no repeated stories. It provides the option to look into the news in detail by providing a lot of credible sources regarding the topic.

You can enable the push notifications to get more prominent features. The news feed is customizable so that you don’t have to skip past categories of news that you are not interested in. You can focus more on the topics you are interested in by blocking the rest. A unique feature of this app is that you will be able to interact with other users through posting and commenting.

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You can tag articles to show others. The wide variety of topics covered include astronomy, physics, biology, etc. It has some neat functions built in that makes the UI very simple and comfortable. You can save articles for reading later.

3) Science News Online

It is a pretty standard app that does the job in terms of providing you with the latest developments in the field of science and technology from around the world. It is updated regularly with contents from reputed news sources and famous publications.

This app has news from various fields of science like astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. A cool feature is that apart from being categorized into tabs where you can read the news in a particular field together, it also has a ” last 24 hours tab”.You can choose the dark theme to read the news at night and it protects your eyes from bright light.

You can add and delete your favorite news sources so that you can read them and never miss their updates and choose to ignore the other sources. You will get a summary of the news and the app will lead you to the full articles if you want to read more. The app doesn’t take up much storage space. It is a free app with occasional ads popping up here and there.

4) Science News, Videos, & Social Media

Science News is an app loaded with some .unique features. Apart from delivering up to date coverage of the field of science and technology, the app has a built in a community where you can stay connected with your favorite scientists or astronauts, respond to them and engage in discussions with the fellow users. Apart from reading articles, it also provides access to videos from across the internet. The simple user interface makes it easier to use even for school kids. It has a twitter feed of prominent scientist so you can be up to date with their proceedings.

5) Science News: Science Discoveries & Inventions

Updated regulary with the latest proceedings from the world of science and technology, this app helps the user to find various interesting topics from their favorite category.

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The news and articles are obtained from various reputed sources like the BBC, YAHOO, Scientific American, etc. Its user interface is simple and in the home screen itself, you get the choice of picking your favorite topics from science. These include Astronomy, Physics, Maths, etc. You will get to read about the latest health and fitness news and updates on the latest medical researches.

If you are interested to know what is going on in NASA and their space programs, look no further.Because this app is loaded with a wide variety of information. There would be no need to add extra apps to know about the updates in the field of technology because this app covers it all.

If you are interested to know about the latest researches in the field of physics, this app would be the go-to source for all your information. You can also get the latest updates about Global warming and climate change.

6) World Science News

This free app has a simple UI and is fast. You can search the internet for all the reliable science and technology news.

You can customize the app to read the news from websites that you enjoy. Let’s say if you enjoy the news from BBC, enter the BBC website through the app and the app automatically checks if an RSS feed is available on the website.

If the feed is available, it will automatically shift the feed to your app. It automatically records your preferences in various categories and shows more news in that department.

7) Science News Channel

It is one of the most basic apps for reading science and news articles. Nothing unique or special about the UI. Everything about the app is the pretty standard version. If you like simplicity in your UI, then this is the app for you.

8) Technology News


If you are interested in the latest technological developments happening in the world, then this is the right app for you. Everything from the latest mobile phones to electronic devices, this app provides them all with fast and simple UI. The most famous technology blogs out there can be viewed on your mobile phone whenever you want through this app.

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You will be updated with the latest trends in the world of technology, hardware, smartphones, and even the newest apps. All this feature comes with a user interface that is simple and fast. You can choose to view the best categories suited for you and block the rest of the news categories.

The app has a feature to give you the updated RSS feed from various big tech sites from across the world like Geek, Tech News World, FOX News TTech, Life Hacker, BBC Technology, Techmeme, Read Write, Engadget, TIME, etc. Other unique features of the app involve listening to podcasts. These podcasts can be downloaded for offline playback. You can also download news articles for offline reading. The app has a highly customizable UI.

9) Tech News

It is a simple app with a fast and easy to use user interface for reading tech news. Your news feed will be regularly updated with articles from a wide variety of popular tech websites around the world.

The UI is so smooth that the RSS Feed reader which is present in the app directly takes you to the news. You can choose to remove websites whose news feed doesn’t look genuine.

Only your favorite websites will then appear on your feed. Gizmodo, CNet, SlashDot, are a few major websites whose RSS feed appear on your app.

10) Science News – Science Channel


The app covers most of the major digital publications of science and technology and provides hem regularly in your news feed. Every branch of science from, Astronomy, physics, biology to geography and zoology is covered in this app. A unique feature of this app is that it allows you to translate science news to your mother tongue for easier understanding.

You can favorite the articles to read later. You can switch on the notifications to get news daily. The major source of the news comes from ESA, Astro News, GAC, GizMag, NASA, Discover Magazine, FOX News, Grist, Cell Press, etc.

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