Top 5 Launchers For Redmi Note 4/5 Pro/MIUI Smartphones

Back in old days we have listed some launcher apps which can be used to enhance the looks and performance of your smartphone. Especially with Xiaomi smartphones like Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5 pro running MIUI version of Android, the first thing almost every user will look for is to install a launcher which provides an app drawer.

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How to Change Keyboard in Redmi Note 4 : MIUI

Xiaomi redmi note 4 is quite popular around the globe, it has been the top selling smartphone in 2017 in India. What is so special about this phone and what people are loving so much?. I would say this is the best value for money smartphone you could get for a price less that 15K INR.

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How To Fix WhatsApp & Gmail Notification Problem In MIUI

Xiaomi’s MIUI is  one of the most widely used android skins out there. MIUI provides plenty of options for customization and theming.

But one major thing that irritates the MIUI users is it doesn’t allow you to expand certain apps notifications so that you can get a brief about it. This usually happens to people who owns Xiaomi smartphones like Redmi Note 4,  Note 3, Mi Mix, Mi 5 etc.

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