How to Download Facebook Videos to Your Android Phone

When it comes to watching videos on Facebook on your smartphone, it becomes very convenient to download videos rather than loading the video and watching. the advantage of downloading videos that posted on Facebook is that you never need to login to Facebook next time to search for that video and buffer once more.… Read the rest

Best Alternatives For The Slow Official Facebook Android App

One of the most popular android app is the Facebook app on Play Store. But Many people do not like the sluggish and laggy nature of the official app and they are in search for a new app which feels smooth and responsive. I too had bad experience with the Facebook app as it force closes many times and they would have develop a better one.… Read the rest

Easy Way to Download Facebook Videos

This post is about how to download Facebook videos without much effort. It can be used to store the videos that you watch on Facebook to your computer for later use. This trick should work almost all popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This method requires no software’s or extensions.… Read the rest

Facebook Security Bug Affects 6 Million Accounts

Facebook is known for security issues from the beginning, now it has been confirmed by the officials that a security bug affects 6 million facebook accounts. This security bug exposed  Personal Account Information, Emails and phone numbers. The Facebook security team posted a message describing the situation.

Snippet from the message from facebook security team:

We’ve concluded that approximately 6 million Facebook users had email addresses or telephone numbers shared.

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