Android Apps 2013

Free Android Launchers To Get KitKat Theme On Your Mobile

Android Kitkat is now on the New Google Nexus smartphone has received a warm appreciation from general crowd because of its new interface changes which seems nice. The notification bar and system icon bar gets transparent so the screen will look large. There are other visual improvements that are liked by most of the Nexus 5 users.… Read the rest

Top 5 Android Apps For Aptitude Questions and Solutions

Nowadays, almost all competitive exams like Bank tests, IBPS, MBA, CAT and campus recruitment tests all have an evaluation called aptitude test. If you’re well prepared by working out lots of objective type questions and their answers, you can easily pass through the test. We can say almost all you posses android smartphone now a days wasting time playing games and social media – why wont you try these apps that gives you tons of aptitude question and their solutions in front of your mobile screen.… Read the rest

Google Play Newsstand : Manually Add an RSS Feed

For organizing magazine subscriptions from popular magazines and feed updates from known websites, Google had two separate apps called Play Magazines app and Currents respectively. Google now rolling in the two experience into one app called Google Play Newsstand. It is somewhat very pleasing to see that Newsstand takes articles from 1900 plus free and paid magazines and websites and optimizes the data to view & experience perfectly on a touch screen smart device.… Read the rest

Best 10 Free Puzzle Games For Android – Games For Brain

Android is not only known for games like sports & racing that heats up your phone as well as mind but also holds some brilliant puzzle games that thrills you as well as test and enhance your ability to think. These are even recommended to kids whom sit with the smartphone spending hours playing wild video games.… Read the rest

Get Alerts About Police Traps on Waze Android App

Travelling is fun when we hangout with our friends. But what about police camera traps and unexpected traffic hikes?. It spoils the thrill as well as the fun element. Waze is a social, GPS based application for maps & traffic which is available to download on your smartphone. It is a crowd powered social app that join forces with other drivers nearby so we could save time by getting early alerts on traffic, find the nearest gas station etc.… Read the rest

Android Spy Camera Apps : Take Photos Secretly Without Anyone Knowing

Sometimes it’s very funny to take photos of our friends without knowing them. But if point you’r phone towards them with camera app, they’ll stop you from taking their pictures. Also, there’ll be situations where you need to shoot something which is very exclusive and doing it without knowing the other person.… Read the rest

Best 5 File/Folder Lock Free Apps for Android in 2013

As the memory size and processing capacity of smartphones has now even compete with desktops, we have our personal data moved to these devices. These may include your personal videos, photos etc. It may not be a good idea to just save them on the SD card so that everyone who uses your phone can have access to it.… Read the rest

Best 5 Free Android Launcher Apps of 2013 to Change Theme of Your Phone

After getting your android phone for the first time everyone will get bored by the usual skin which the manufacturer has given to the phone. Most people likes to give a change in the look and feel of the smartphone they owned by by switching to different themes. But in case of android phones, changing a theme is not an inbuilt feature.… Read the rest

10 Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android (Paid and Free)

If you own a smartphone, then surely you do love Gaming apps. The mobile gaming has changed a lot since android and iOS phones are introduced and they are the best whenever you get bored. The advantage of installing multiplayer games on your Android smartphone is that the enjoyment doubles as you could get your friend as opponent.… Read the rest