Few days ago, a friend of mine asked me to flash his Android phone (Galaxy Ace) to a customized kernel like Cyanogenmod since his phone lagging like hell. ClockworkMod was already installed on that phone (version, so just need to find a suitable Cyanogenmod ROM for Galaxy Ace and Flash. I’ve downloaded CM 7.2 KANG-signed ROM release from Xda-developers.

I copied the the ROM file into SD card, backed up important stuff like contacts then switched off the phone, then boot into CWM recovery mode(By pressing Home+Power button and then release the power button). I chased the normal procedure – wiped off data and cache partition. The real issue starts from here: I headed into Install Zip from sdcard … Shockingly there was no files on SD card. I’ve tried to mount the sd card from Advanced option but no luck. It displays “E: can’t mount /sd card”.

I searched internet about this problem, fortunately after a few clicks I’ve found the solution!.

The problem was there because the SD card has fie system NTFS. Some older versions of CWM or TWRP have issues reading NTFS and exFAT cards. So I had 3 options

  1. Upgrade into a newest ClockworkMod version.
  2. Switch to the latest TWRP recovery
  3. Format SD card using FAT32 file system.

I did’nt tried the first two options rather I quick formated the SD card into FAT32. Copied the Cyanogenmod ROM file again. Yes, this time worked with no problems.  I’ve flashed the phone and it has now running smooth cyanogenmod 7.2. If you guys ever come across this problem, I recommend you to try the third option first since its easy to format a memory card than upgrading the CWM/TWRP.