Alcatel is a company that manufactures Smartphones, 2G, 3G and 4G modems, WiFi modems and other products in telecommunication field. Many companies like STC, CTC are using their modems to provide wireless internet.  STC (Saudi Telecom Company) sells a product like idea netsetter or Tata photon which is a 2G & 3G data card that let you connect your computer to internet using the STC mobile data services. But outside Saudi Arabia, you cant use this device since it supports SIM card only from STC. In fact, If you take it to India you cant put it to use unless you unlock the data card.

As we all know in India we’ve mobile operators like BSNL, Airtel, Idea or out side India we’ve Etisalat etc so there’es no chance for STC!. To use any SIM card with STC internet data card, you have to unlock the device bu just putting a specific unlock code like RCK, NCK, NSCK or SPCK codes. In case of Modems like X080s you need NCK code as the unlock code. You’ll be asked to enter the code when you put another SIM, and connecting it your PC. Entering the code correctly will unlock the device permanently. Our job is to find the NCK code suitable for the device IMEI. Here’s how to unlock data cards with Alcatel Modems  like X020, X030x, X060s, X070s, X080s, X100x, X200x, X200s, X210x, X210s, X215s, X220l,X225l, X225s, X228l, X230l etc..

1. Connect your device to PC – Follow the simple instructions to install the necessary driver software and connection tool built-in to USB data card. Insert a SIM card and reconnect the device.

Unlock alcatel stc

2. You’ll be asked to enter the NCK or RCK code as unlock code (Depends on What modem you are using). Go to this webpage which outputs the specific codes for your device when you enter the IMEI code of the device. The page looks like below:


3. The IMEI number of the data card which you may find from the back of the device needs to entered in the text box. Select the service as Alcatel Modem and finally enter the captcha and click Order.


4. If you’ve done the above things properly, you’ll get the codes in the top text box. The code may look like below:


5. Enter the RCK or NCK code which you are asked and click OK. Wait a few seconds and your device will be unlocked.


6. To start using internet, the data plan must be activated in the SIM card. The click settings on the Quick Net application the select Connection profile > Add.


  • Enter Account name as your wish – like vodafone, idea etc
  • Number : *99#
  • APN  – Ckeckout the list of APN’s for major mobile service providers from the chart given below:


  • Leave the fields Username, Password and protocol unchanged.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Connect in Home tab.