As all you know, CyanogenMod is a customized android firmware released by android users and developer community for a number of android phones. Most people switches to these kind of customized aftermarket ROMs due to high amount of customization available. There is some attractive performance tweaks are available on CyanogenMod such as CPU governors. Known problem to CyanogenMod is that it drains battery fast. After flashing your phone to CyanogenMod, battery usage will be higher than the stock ROM so you’ll get irritated as battery drains too fast.

Actually, the previously mentioned performance settings can even improve your android phones battery life if it is properly configured. This applies for different versions of CyanogenMod such as Cyanogenmod v7, 9, etc.

To increase battery life on CyanogenMod:

1. Goto Settings and tap CyanogenMod settings. It will list a lot of customization options on different areas. Tap Performance. Press OK to ignore the warning.

2. Touch CPU settings, here we can configure the cpu performance. Keep in mind that for higher the speed you configure, it drains the battery fast. Tapping the “Available governors” option will let you change the same.  ONDEMAND cpu governor set by default. This one will boost the cpu performance to maximum if there is an activity detected from user. This act boost the system speed but affect the battery life significantly. Choose the CPU governor according to your need. If battery life is your primary concern ( It is, that’s why you here!) I advise you to use Interactive or Interactive X or Smartass.  Usually, this resets back to ONDEMAND on reboot. To avoid this, check the “Set on boot” option.

To know more about each CPU governors in detail, checkout this thread on xda-developers forum.

Cyanogenmod CPU governors

This trick will improve battery life on CyanogenMod. Also use apps like Du Battery Saver, to monitor and control battery usage.