Do you ever think of re-assigning the default hardware buttons of your android phone so that you can use a better customized function for a button?. With a rooted android device, it is possible to remap the buttons using ButtonRemapper android app. This app is a simple tool that works on all android devices except Samsung Galaxy S variants and partially works on Droid 2 and Huawei U8110 ( Only few buttons can be remapped). However there is another version of this app is provided for Galaxy S.

To be able to access the permissions, you need your android device get rooted. If you have rooted android device, then ownload the app from the below links.

The following functions can be assigned using this app.

“Power”,”Home”, “Menu”, “Back”, “Search”, “Volume up”, “Volume down”, “Camera”, “Focus”, “Endcall”, “Call”, “Media Play Pause”, “Media Stop”, “Media Next”, “Media Previous”, “Media Rewind”, “Media Fast Forward”, “Dpad center”,”Dpad up”, “Dpad down”, “Dpad left”, “Dpad right”

buttonremapper1 buttonremapper2

However this application wont let you assign buttons for long pressing.