Its a common issue that we often lent or smartphones to others to play with and they peep to your conversations in chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber etc. The problem get worse if you regularly chat with your girlfriend and forget to clear conversations.. Disabling popup for chats isn’t a great solution if people actually want to see your stuff. So forced app lock techniques must be used. Here’s a trick to lock WhatsApp and other messenger apps via a password protecting app called Messenger and Chat Block.


As an improvement to its security features, Whatsapp now allows hiding the Last Seen time stamp. 

It’s a lightweight and effective solution to lock your chating app using a 4 digit PIN. All you want to do is to simply search the app in Google Playstore and download. After installation you’ll be prompted to set a 4 digit PIN which you’ve to enter to access the apps. After  Remember you can uninstall the app only if you enter the PIN. So it is fool proof too. After confirming your four digit PIN you can select which of the chating apps you want to lock. Besides messaging apps, you can password protect gallery apps like QuickPic.

Inorder to prevent uninstallation of the WhatsApp lock, you have to enable “Prevent Uninstallation” in the settings of the app, which you could access by pressing the menu button after entering the app. Before doing it you can answer a security question. You could also protect android settings from others to avoid uninstallation of the apps, application detention and clear data.

In case someone tries to access these messaging apps and enter wrong PIN, it will take a picture of the offender and save it in your phone. This feature will only work if you have front facing camera.

Another protection app for Whatsapp is “Lock for WhatsApp” which also can be downloaded from Play Store. The major difference between this app and the one described earlier is that it allows you to set a pattern lock instead of PIN lock. After setting your lock pattern you also have an option to set a normal password. A disadvantage of this app is that, it will force you to accept a license agreement which states that it will add a bookmark to your browser and modify the home page and add unwanted search widgets. If you accept the agreement, you can enable lock via accessing the settings.