How to make your JBOSS or WildFly AS remotely accessible

Sometimes you might want to expose your applications server like jboss accessible from different machines, instead of locally running and testing from the same machine. Suppose everyone in your team has to access a particular resource or application during their testing/application deployment, you may deploy this resource/application in a machine and others can use the IP address of this machine to access the same.


If you deploy your application into Jboss/wildfly application server, by default it will not be accessible from other machines. But you can tweak this to make it work. Follow these steps to access jboss/wildfly remotely so that you have access to both admin console (port 9990) and application deployed (8080).

  • Goto Jboss (or Wildfly) configuration folder (JBOSS_HOME\standalone\configuration) and open standalone.xml file in a file editor, preferably in Notepad++.
  • Search for the following xml tag : <interfaces> 

You will find the following lines:

  • Here you have two choices. Either you can bind to a particular IP so that only that machine with the specified IP can access it or you can specify such a way every machine can access it.
  • To enable access to a particular IP, change the inet-address value to that IP address. After changing, the code may look like this.

  • If you are going to allow access to the server from all machines, replace the IP address in inet-address to

  • Now save your work and start the server
  • Take a note of the IP address of the machine that you are running Jboss or wildfly. (type ipconfig in CMD and press enter, take IPv4 address)
  • After the server has started fully,  type the following in the address bar of a browser on the machine you want to access the server from:

You should see the admin console of the server after logging in with valid credentials.


If you are still not able to access the admin console, try the following:

  • Open command prompt and point to your Jboss bin directory (JBOSS_HOME\bin)
  • Type standalone.bat -b and hit enter. (Replace with the IP address if you are enabling it only for a single IP)
  • This will start the server. Try accessing the console again..

Please post in the comments below if you have questions.

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  1. How I can configure a public domain in wildfly server . please help.

  2. still cant acces from android browser where the pc and the phone are in the same sub network

  3. Thanks for the “How-To” !

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