One day I came across a situation with my Xiaomi redmi note 3 where after playing music and removed my earphones from the jack, the phone is still stuck in the earphone music mode. That means no sound will play through speaker if you play music or no notification sounds what so ever. The headphone icon was still showing in the notification bar even after I removed it from the phone. I stumbled across this issue for quite some time till I found the fix by myself from one of the forums.

If you have the same issue with your Xiaomi phone, don’t be panic. Its not a serious hardware issue and it is easy to fix. The issue seems to be associated with the audio enhancement features that Mi has on their phones. This issue usually comes when you connect a earphones/headphones which has a different 3.5 mm jack (some earphones which do not have mic has a different 3.5 mm audio jack which has only three copper connections (check out the picture below) where normal earphones(with mic) has four copper connections). Most of the aux cables that we usually use in car has 3 copper connections. I have got the issue after I connected my phone to aux cable in the car.

3.5 audio jack connections

Difference between 3.5 mm audio jack with mic and without mic


Usually it should not interfere with phones normal operations, but somehow the incompatible earphone caused my redmi note 3 to behave abnormal. Let me come to the steps to fix it.

Step 1: You have to unplug the earphone if plugged.

Step 2: Open Settings from MIUI, goto Sound & vibration, tap on audio settings.

Step 3: Under “CHOOSE HEADPHONES TYPE”, select any one option – General, General In-ear, Mi earbuds Mi capsule, etc. If you have already selected something – change it. (Usually this section enables only if you have connected an earphone –  but as your phone is already in headphone mode, it should be enabled for you.)

Step 4: Plug your earphones and remove it. Wait for couple of seconds and connect again and remove it, then check whether the headphone icon in the notification disappears or not.

Step 5: Repeat the above step until it fixes your issue.

The above is only one of the solution that I found online to fix this issue. There are many of them posted by users in various places. Some of them are,

  • Switching on the lite mode in MIUI and turning it back to normal mode.
  • Putting air pressure on the audio socket of the phone by blowing air inside
  • One guy used the earbuds to suck the air out from the socket as in the video below

The first method worked for me well. If it is not working for you, don’t hesitate to try the other options.

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