This post is about how to download Facebook videos without much effort. It can be used to store the videos that you watch on Facebook to your computer for later use. This trick should work almost all popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This method requires no software’s or extensions. Here’s how to do this.fb

  • Click on the video link that you want to watch on Facebook.
  • Looking the address bar of your browser. The URL appear there should be like one below.

  • Now you’ll realize how easy this method after I tell what you’re gonna do. To download the required video, just replace the part “http://www” with an “m“. Hence the edited URL will look like the below one.

  • Now press enter and you”ll load the mobile version of Facebook click on the play button. Now right click on the video thumbnail and click save as. Save your video file as 5423667.mp4 or your choice. Simple isn’t it.